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Instagram RoundUp / Part VI / Memorial Day 2017

The land of the Free - Home of the Brave! A huge THANK YOU to all of those who have served in our military and to those who currently serving -

THANK YOU - we honor and remember all of you!

We BBQ'd yesterday thinking the weather would hold out as it was SUNNY all morning. We decided to pick up a few groceries and BAM! the sky turned black and fell out as I was inside getting potatoes and turkey ground meat. Looked like a wet rat on my way back to the car....then it passed and the sun tried to peep through the grey skies. The food was great though - what was on the menu you ask???

Menu for Memorial Day weekend:

Turkey sausage grilled

Turkey burgers with Blue cheese melted on top (bun optional)

Regular beef burgers (for the peeps who don't do the turkey option)

My favorite potatoes (recipe here)

Sweet potato fries

Homemade Cookies for dessert

So here we are on Monday, May 29th - Memorial Day 2017 - and we woke up to wet ground, wet patio, drizzle rain. With that I decided to go ahead and do my final Instagram roundup post for the month of May. Noodle and Nemo are both laying by my feet as I type (my co-workers rock). Gotta love your pups!

I try not to actually BLOG too much about my everyday life on here because I usually snap about it (SnapChat: HummerDriver) so you can catch me there for the "day in the life" stuff! I don't want my followers to use all of their valuable time reading when YOU COULD BE SHOPPING - right?? So I started posting links for your to shop my style or similar to it for EASY CLICKS and access since you are all so super sweet and ask where I get my things quite often! I wish I was a personal shopper but who am I kidding - I like to shop for ME! My taste is not like everyone! I've always had my own unique style and I firmly believe in IF YOU LIKE IT - ROCK IT! Not everything has to be so MATCHY MATCHY in life - let's face it - that is way to predictable for me! Think outside of the box when it comes to your personal style and taste - even in your home! If you like it - make it work for YOU! There are no rules - well, there are some out there but again - don't be so predictable! Live life - be it in black & white or tons of color - You are beautiful being uniquely YOU! Enjoy your holiday extended weekend with your family & friends - or just chillin' with your pups! Be safe!

Luv ya, xx H

Keep scrolling all the way to the bottom for all links and details

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Gucci Messenger (this style no longer sold unless you are the lucky buyer here)

Messenger bags or crossbody bags have really been my favorites lately. They are great for travel yes we know but they are also great for every day errands - quick, light-weight, and sylish to run in and run out of target or grocery store - I love them. Here are some other options I really like - If I could, i'd own them all!

This cute little fringe crossbody is on sale today for only $20!!!!

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I have an entire blog post on other secret cellulite weapons here |

Sandals info can be found in photo above in this same blog post | white Polish Color

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My favorite protein MEAL BARS

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