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Shopping Online / Items on Repeat 2017

Raising a family and working everyday doesn't allow for much down time to just head off to the mall (which by the way is not close for me to get to a decent mall)....with that, I tend to do most of my shopping online. I like this for several reasons - mainly (clothing/fashion) because I do not OFTEN SEE myself coming and going. I do not like to have the same Old Navy outfits as every other mom in town. I swear I'll see the same shorts and top from Ann Taylor or Old Navy 3x in one day. NOT MY STYLE. I'm pretty simple but I still like to have my own unique twist on any outfit (or handbag) .... or shoes. You get me!

If you follow my blog and use my links I'm sure you know my #1 GO TO is Amazon and I use Amazon Prime. I use them for so many reasons. It gets to me super fast -

sometimes the next day even.

I can return with no hassle if something doesn't work out. I can get my protein bars and waters from Amazon. My shampoo and conditioner are on auto ship so I never run out or have to worry about going to the store to get these items I use so much.

My tan wipes and dog food are even found on Amazon. What is there NOT to love about it? I am probably one of their best customers!

For this reason - one of my GO TO gift ideas is a gift card from Amazon. Some people are just a little hesitant to put their credit card online and use it for shopping due to security issues - I get it! So if you use a gift card from Amazon, you can simply shop without any worries.

Wedding gift ideas? Amazon is my "go to" again - top pick. If you click the photo above you will see for yourself the Unique Wedding Ideas in the websites own little Wedding Section!

Today I'm going to share a few things that stay on my Amazon RE-ORDER list

Some of these are on a 1-month reorder list while others are on a 3-6 month reorder list. Either way, these are some of my everyday life items that stay in my basket to click "reorder" when my inventory is low! From vitamins, food & teeth to beauty and fashion - check it out below. Scroll all the way down - the list is quite a shopping list! Hey, now it's in a blog post and we can shop easy together! Be sure to "bookmark this page" for reference in the future!

1. Deodorant remover sponges - if you haven't ever used these and you wear black tanks or dark tops - YOU MUST TRY THIS. I cannot live without them. Hubby even uses them!

2. Vitamin D gummies - These are a repeat for sure. Great for bones, teeth and immune health. I take these DAILY!

3. Quest Protein Chips - when you are watching your eating but you need a crunch - these are amazing. At the store they are about $2.79 per bag so I get a better deal here online.

4. My favorite meal protein bar! You see me snap about this bar often! It's my go to bar for sure!

5. Water on repeat - subscribe and save! Simple. I hate carrying waters from the grocery to the car and from the car to the frig. That is for the birds!

6. My go to Hair Conditioner. I've got a lot of hair and I have to keep it conditioned with a GOOD PRODUCT. This is my go to for keeping my hair (yes it's all natural - NO EXTENSIONS HERE) - keeping my hair healthy and strong.

7. Not that you need help with this but I like this brand of toothbrush the best - I do get new one's every 6 months. This brand was recommended by my new dentist (who i actually love) and I've been really pleased with this new brand. He also recommended for deep cleaning under the gum line to use these END TUFF brushes. I love them and use them daily! New part of my cleaning routine - you should try it - I prefer over the messy water pick personally.

8. Deodorant - yep - i went there! Not much to say about this one. Need it. Use it. Love this one. Been using for years and years and forever.

9. I even buy Nemo & Noodles Dog Food on Amazon. It saves me a special trip to the one place across town that supplies it.

10. When it comes to shaving, this awesome body/skin oil is on top of my list. Although, sometimes I like to shave with this hair conditioner - this Oil is the best for summer months to moisturize your legs and keeps them shiny with that healthy glow. Def on my repeat list - i've bought for years now. oh and Yes, try hair conditioner for shaving! Do both - shave with the conditioner and put the oil on afterward - you will simply love your legs again!

11. Fashion tape - keep one of these in every area of your car, house, desk, etc. These things come in handy for more than I'd even like to discuss. Let's just say - you can get creative with these puppies. They can be a life saver in every area of your life! Get some and keep them handy! Repeat - item def on repeat! Can't live without them and the cute little tin they come in!

12. Tan Wipes - you've seen other posts on these! The best - thanks to my friend Rachael who turned me on to these bad boys.

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