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Sunless Tanning Routine / The Products I Use / 2017

I promised on the Gram that I would do a simple Sunless Tanning Routine post this weekend and I would never let you down! Although I look as pale as milk in the last family photo we took - I assure you if we have somewhere to go and I have enough advanced notice, I will take the time to put my TAN on! Yes, it takes some time, Yes, it can be a pain in the butt - however, let's face it - we all feel better with a little color (at any age - I'm over 40+ - ok ok, i'm over 45+)......

Why do we feel better with a tan?

You look healthier Your eyes looks brighter. Your teeth look whiter. You look thinner. YES! I love this one! Your muscles look more defined. Red spot, blemishes & cellulite almost disappear. Outfits look more put together. ..and many other reasons.

Unfortunately if done improperly tans also can also: make you look like an umpa-loompa make you look dirty give you skin cancer, wrinkles and dark spots leave you streaky and patchy make you smell like tequila and corn chips

The line is a fine one.

I have spent enough time on the upma-loompa & Snooki side of tanning but I've learned how to stay on the Jen Aniston side now. Much better! Even if you are an avid sun tanner I very much recommend adding some sunless products to your regime. It will save your skin and you’ll get so much more bang for your buck.

It's much too late for me to turn back time and remove the wrinkles and imperfections that Sun Damage has caused me. If you are in your teens or early 20's - be smart out there!

My favorite place on earth is the Beach. I could just sit out in the heat/sun for this stage of the game - my Beach look is usually a huge oversized hat, big sunglasses and a Mu-mu coverup with a large water bottle and an umbrella.

So here we are - Sunless Tanning!

I've tried getting spray tans and I just don't like getting half naked in front of a stranger and/or I don't like the smell nor the COST involved considering it fades in 2-3 days. I tried the machine spray tan and that smells like....#### - So I just take matters into my own hands. If you can do it yourself to save money - than DO IT! (This includes a home pedi from time to time-save your money)

So my routine for Sunless Tanning from last year (2016) can be looked at here!

Not too much has changed although I've added on new product that my friend Bama turned me on to. Her tan looks amazing so I thought I'd give it a try.


Gloves | Tanning Wipes | Tanning Gel at Ulta or another alternative option 2 Tanning Gel here or Option 3 here | Tan Physics (newly added to routine) | Jergens Glow |

One more thing before I talk about the PROCEDURE AND LINE UP on Sunless Tanning - Do you ever get those little dark dots on yor leg after applying sunless tan? Ok, the dots are because you just shaved and your pores are open. The tanning lotion gets into these pores and causes dark spots - not on everyone - it just depends on how course your hair is. Two things, shave 12 hours prior to applying lotion OR after shaving be sure to rinse your legs well with cold water to help close those pores.

Self Tanning Procedure: Let's keepn it simple here

1. Exfoliate and shave

2. Lotion up your dry areas (elbows, knees, ankles, feet etc) I like to use a thick body butter for these areas before tanning! This one here is what I grab for.

3. Apply tanner - either the gel or the new Tan Physics

4. I go over my arms and legs with the Tan Wipes

5. Apply Jergens Glow after you are completely set and dry.

6. Don't forget to tan your face. This is a preference - I like to use the Jergens for face only on my face.

What about my back?

Good question! Either have your friend, sibling or spouse help you out here or you can get creative.

One alternative is to use an old hand towel that you don't mind losing regular use of. Cut a strip off to be about 4" wide. Dab the tanning lotion in the center of that strip - Flip the strip around like you'd be drying your back and rub back and forth onto the back area. Repeat if necessary.

Another alternative I've heard from another blogger I just love is the use of a Corner Roller - yes you know the kind you paint with on the wall.

When will you need to reapply? Probably every 4 or 5 days but if you are trying to build your tan you will need to do it more often, like every 2 or 3. It may sound like a lot but if you are in the habit of putting on lotion daily this really won’t cramp your style much.


You did all this work and by golly it had better last! Here’s how you get it to:

1. Stay lotioned up. Apply a regular lotion or for added bonus Jergens Natural Glow once or twice a day.

2. Keep your skin moisturized. Did I already say that? Must be prettttty important:)

May your tans be as glowing and gorgeous as you are!

xx H

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