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Oh Snap! | Sharing links to Items you're gonna love too!

Oh snap - means I snapped about it - hee/hee duh! I'm just so witty today aren't I? Seriously though, here are the links to the items I've snapped about incase you wanted to SNAG YOU SOME - click on the "pink" for links! enjoy!! xx H

water bottle (remember 3x per day in the 26oz and your'e good to go)

Avocado Saver (OMG love this)

My new favorite EXERCISE BARS

Sunglasses organizer

Organize your pantry by putting your supplements and shake powders in these awesome canisters - to order these please make sure you enter me as your coach name "HeatherNewmanFitness" I would really appreciat it - i don't make much but it helps me know that you're on my team!!

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