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3 Day Cleanse | Detox | Refresh - Lose Weight, Increase Energy, Reset Metabolism | Let's do this

🌱Time for a 3-day jump start on your losing weight battle? 🥒Want to try a cleanse but don't want to feel hungry all day? Want to jumpstart your metabolism in just 3 days? 🥒🌱 I can help you! In fact I'll do it with you! 🥒Join my team for a gut cleansing body reset. It can't hurt. 🌱🥒In fact it'll help. You'll feel lighter, cleaner, healthier and reenergized on your way to your healthier goals..... I will be Snapping (snapchat - HummerDriver) our journey for the 3-day refresh - come's only 3 days! You CAN DO THIS too! What have you go to lose?

then click on SHOP to the far right tab

Please make sure "HeatherNewmanFitness" is your COACH name so I can be there for you every minute every day if you need any assistance!

My team and I are starting a 3-Day cleanse tomorrow - we will do this again together if you want to join in - you can order yours here by going to SHOP at the top right tab then click on the 3-day Refresh

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