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Shake the Weight 6-Day Challenge | Take the Challenge | Lose Weight | Gain Energy

Anyone interested in doing a 6-Day shakeo challenge with me? Ok so I drink shakes everyday but I KNOW how nervous I was to commit to it. I was kinda freaking out that you could only get it online without trying it first (what sort of scam is this?)

Thankfully, my friend Colleen was drinking it and assured me it was trusted her....took the plunge and ordered it on home direct. I am sooooo weird about getting things on autoship (it really freaks me out - like I have to commit long term - I don't like it) why? because I don't want to get charged a million dollars and sucked into something I can't cancel....even though I've done it before and all ended up being just fine. I still do it for my son's proactive - and it's perfect - we get it right in time when he needs it. Lucky for us - my company has an amazing customer service staff and if you need to postpone or cancel your order, you just shoot 'em an email.

I am sooooo glad I got the full 30 day supply because to be honest with you...the first time I made it.....I did not like it.

Maybe it's because I have no idea how to mix shakes.....maybe it's because I had this clumpy yet watered down was kinda nasty ha/ha but after reading some recipes and getting tips on how you should blend it, I figured out how to make it the way I LOVVEE. Guys I am serious OBSESSED with this stuff - I would never ever lead my friends astray!

(Some tips I learned from that first week....always put your liquid in FIRST! I didn't know if you put the powder in first it creates this air pocket that is almost impossible to mix ha/ha)

If you are not yet addicted to shake......Try it out for these 6-days with me and see/FEEL the benefits for yourself.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS CHALLENGE: Well, it's designed for people who need a little help getting their fitness and nutrition (that was my thing I needed the most help with NUTRITION at this stage of my life) journey going, but aren't ready to commit to a full 30, 60 or 90-day program yet (I realize how overwhelming that can be)....This shake challenge will help you lose weight, incorporate exercise into your daily routine and get in the habit of eating healthy, balanced meals a day.

DURING THE 6 DAYS, you will be asked to:

--replace one meal a day with shakeology

--exercise at least 4 of the 6 days for at least 30 minutes (walking jogging, beachbody workout, gym, your choice! Just get moving!)

--eat healthy, nutrient dense meals 95% of the time. You can browse the challenge group for recipe ideas I will be posting to help you on your journey. I promise they are yummy! We will follow the Shakeology eating plan found here.

--drink at least 64 oz. of water per day

--weigh in only on days 1, 4 and 7 (for 6 full days of nutrition and exercise)


--in 6-days you will FEEL the benefits of Shakeo, the energy it gives you, and honestly...eating clean just puts me in a better mood!

--A closed FACEBOOK group for Accountability, Support and new friends hee/hee

--Workout routine ideas and encouragement

--Clean eating guidelines, tons of healthy and delicious recipes

--a healthy routine that sets the wheels in motion for a healthier lifestyle

--Weight loss is an added bonus, the real benefit is in the foundation you lay and the nutrients your body will be getting


Session 1 - order now and challenge starts on October 20th, 2017

Session 2 - order before October 31st and challenge starts on November 10th, 2017

Session 3 - TBD

You have TWO OPTIONS for getting started with me-yes I will do this with YOU - I am here for you 100% during your challenge! (only if you need me of course)

#1 CLICK HERE to email me NOW to purchase your 6-Day Shakeo Kit for $40. Include your flavor preference, shipping address and cell phone number - I will simply send you an invoice. Once I receive your order, I will send you tracking for your package.

#2 GET the most bang for your buck and order a month supply of Shakeology (If you opt for the month supply, make sure you select Home Direct to save yourself $10 with free shipping). Click SHOP, then click shakeology from this link above!

Ready to get started? Make sure you scroll down and fill out the 6-Day Shakeo challenge application so I get to know your goals and I will add you to the group!

If I am not yet your coach, what are you waiting for? Go here to make it official!

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