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3-DAY CLEANSE | Results | You will Love this!

It's been a week since my team and I did the 3-Day Cleanse! Results are in and I couldn't be happier! Here, read for yourself:

"I'm SO excited ya'll....with working super late last night I slept in and needed it. I woke up and came to weigh in straight off the cleanse....I LOST 5 LBS doing this cleanse!!!!!"


"Down 3 pounds in 3 days THRILLED"..."I really needed the cleanse and reset to stop some bad habits"


"3 lbs!!!! I have fruits and veggies packed for lunch and snacks"..."TOTALLY WORTH IT"


Those are just a few that did it with me - there were more who also lost weight with it too. For me this was a total mind reset to be conscious of what you put in your mouth. I will be doing another cleanse soon - it def helped me! I wasn't hungry at all. The shakes and the snacks kept me full and satisfied the entire time. The cleanse helped my water intake - you think you are getting enough water in the day but I promise you - YOU AREN'T!

The 3-day Refresh comes with everything you need. You don't have to wait to be part of a challenge team to do this. You do this on whichever 3 days you choose to! There is a schedule and menu and recipes that come with the cleanse! I ordered my shaker separate. You can find that here! (can never seem to have enough shakers in my house)

To order your 3-Day Refresh green shaker cup click here

then click on SHOP

then click on 3-Day Refresh

Please message me with any questions you might have. I am more than happy to help you jump start your weight loss journey and I truly think this is the place to start!

To order yours just click here to read the original blog post of the 3-day cleanse!

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