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Skinny Kitchen Gadgets | Organize & Eat Clean just by using this format

Happy Sunday! Finally sitting down after watching my SAINTS play some football - WOOHOO we won! As you know I've been revisiting some things on my SnapChat that have helped my family and I stay on a healthier & cleaner lifestyle when it comes to eating habits and SKINNY STYLE KITCHEN. The items I got asked about the most were my refrigerator clear containers I use. CLEAR is the key word here when it comes to your refrigerator. Do not ever store FOOD in a container you cannot see thru unless you intend to throw it out -

because IT WILL GO BAD.

That little compartment for PRODUCE - you know the bottom left drawer - yeah - whoever designed that is an idiot - sorry but they are! That is the long lost city drawer - items get put in there to keep fresh and when you pull them out finally to use the strawberries for your smoothie - guess what? YEP MOLD - yuk, trash can here I come! Instead of using that drawer so much - let's RE-THINK the way the fridge should function. Let's put all of our fruits in a clear bin EYE LEVEL! Already cut up, cleaned and ready to pop in our smoothie or our mouth! Watch your greens and fruits get eaten up! WHY? because you've taken the "pain in the ###" part out of the equation now.

This can be really simple if you just get into the habit of purging every Sunday and meal prepping for your week ahead. Good luck, let me see your NEW FRIDGE photos! Send them to me - you know where to find me - Snap - HummerDriver, Insta - GlitterU & HeatherNewmanFitness or email me at

Use the links below to my other gadgets around the kitchen I've talked about and love so much: These ITEMS are must have's for me and my SKINNY KITCHEN MAKEOVER - my journey is still NEW - but these items have helped me soooooo much - hands down!

Pantry storage (holds protein bars perfectly)

Avo Saver - if you love avocados - you've got to have this seat belt!

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