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Family and Balance | fitness (My AB routine)

First off...It's MONDAY - always plan your day/week FOR the week. If you haven't done that yet - GO DO THAT NOW! It will make your entire week flow better. You have to be in charge of your time and NOT let time OWN YOU.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way - this post is about....

Family and Balance come first in my life but I'm passionate about being fit and helping others experience that as well.

I've learned I'm happiest when I feel good about my relationships, my lifestyle, and my accomplishments and those accomplishments don't happen without pushing thru slip-ups, unexpected obstacles, and making some sacrifices that others probably are NOT willing to make.

You have to decide what's MOST important for YOU to focus on.

Let's be real with ourselves, make a commitment and follow thru on it so you

can be at YOUR personal best.

When it comes to HEALTHY EATING....(actually with anything) Discipline is Everything ...IT IS WHAT GETS YOU WHAT YOU REALLY WANT OUT OF LIFE. Don't let others distract you from your MISSION, your happy!

We have to stop kidding ourselves with excuses. If you can work DAILY on conquering your natural temptations, changing your negative beliefs & self talk, you'll achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

But most importantly, I think you'll find who you were meant to be, who you were meant to inspire & how you were meant to live.


My lifting has been slacking a little this summer & surprise surprise, it shows! As a Coach, I have to step it up! The best built in accountability comes from having to lead by example, not with perfection but with authentically working towards your best you.

At my age, 48 - my focus is to see if I can find MY ABs can ask anyone in my Barre class - i'm on a mission and NO i'm not perfect with this - i've gotten off track but here is the workout I am implementing if you want to give it a try....


20 crunches - feet on floor

20 crunches - legs table top (upside down L)

20 crunches - legs straight in the air

30 second plank

15 reverse crunches

20 V-ups

20 russian twists (each side)

20 bicycle crunches

If you are NOT sure about FORM - it is VERY important so I suggest you GOOGLE form for each of these if I AM NOT YOUR PERSONAL COACH.....

xx H

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