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Powerful Reads for Sharing Your Story | Build Trust | Don't SELL PEOPLE

Lately being less and less drawn to Instagram and Facebook because every other post is a marketing ad trying to sell me the cutest little shirt, precious yoga pants, or the next best hair growing shampoo! It's frustrating honestly!

Everyone has gotten pretty guarded over the past couple of years because it's


If you are on social media - you know that you don't want to grab everyone's attention - just the people who you are truly friends with or that you have the same type of things in common ... right! Your PEOPLE! People LIKE you! I sure hope that when I put my stories out there - that they come across as authetic as I truly am. I try to put a message out there that comes from my heart. I've always written this way! I just like to pay things forward that truly work for me or that I like. The one's who NEED TO HEAR IT - will! The others will scroll on by!

There are plenty of books out there for personal development and I have really been into reading ALL OF THEM lately!

I wanted to SHARE SOME POWERFUL BOOKS that really have

spoken to me in the past 7 months! These are books that teach you ways to talk to people and share your gift without sounding like a sales guy! If you want to feed your brain with some POSITIVE VIBES or help your TEAM see life thru different colored glasses - I'd recommend sharing these with them as well.....

My team NOLA FIT have all started reading atleast 2 of these.....Let me know if you READ ANY or if you have any other's that we should TRY!

((scroll down for the list....))

clickable links below for each suggested read

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