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Top Picks | Reset your life with a BOOK!

Hey, Hey, Hey - I haven't been on my blog in a bit. I've MISSED YOU ALL!!

Life happens and this has been on my TO DO LIST as I try to post atleast once a week to keep things current! Please be sure to follow me on FACEBOOK

that's where I share most of my every day life!

NO EXCUSES - It's Sunday and I've got my list together to organize my week ahead - Ah! that feels so much better to have that all plotted out.

As you know Sunday is usually meal prep day, a day to relax, destress and get your mind right for the upcoming week.

In the midst of all that is going on in our worlds, we should also take time to feed our brain with the GOOD STUFF - personal development is my crack. When i'm stressed or feel like i'm spinning out of control, I literally grab a book - Wait, did I just say that? ME, a book? I never liked to read - ever!! Until I found these books that changed my life for the better!

I can't get enough and I wanted to share them with you so you can start building your archives to pull from on the days you need them most.

These books inspire me, they help me, they speak to me!

I've mentioned them on SnapChat, Insta and Facebook but here is a complete list with links provided to make it easier for you to GRAB YOU ONE!

The fam in headed to the beach soon, so i'll be taking 2 of these with me for sure!

I hope you enjoy them and if you read one or two, drop me a message and let me know your thoughts!

xoxo H

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