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What is this SuperFoods Powder? | Where can I get some? | Heather Newman Fitness

Hey there! I wanted to take a moment out and blog about my NUTRITION FINDINGS over the past year now! Last July, I had my "AH HA" moment when I saw the scale hit a number that I NEVER wanted to see - and YES AGE IS A FACTOR - I mean, I'll be 49 in 2 months! EEEK - but I never wanted to just accept the fact that AGE will make our body be a big puffy low energy machine - NEVER! I did a lot of personal experiments and research in

combination with my nutrition education to find the perfect match for my issues. (I know I'm NOT alone here) well......I FOUND IT and that's when I shared it - why wouldn't I? If I found a hell of a deal while shopping makeup, handbags or lululemon pants - I'd share that - so why would this be any different? RIGHT?!!

So what's so special about this SUPERFOODS powder that I drink on the daily - for a FULL YEAR NOW?? Well, I'll tell you......

It is my daily get up and go breakfast superfood. If it wasn't for this powder, I wouldn't even eat breakfast at all (BAD OLD HABITS).

IT'S MyYfavorite (you have to blend it up - because it is not tasty by itself - it is NOT A PROTEIN DRINNK that you'd mix with water and go) - Ok, so now you see - you have to add calories to make it a MEAL but let me share my favorite by far is Chocolate Vegan powder (1/2 pack), 1 cup of ice, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 cup of water, 1 tbsp almond butter and 1/2 banana!!! YUMMMMMYYYY - that fills me up and stays with me until lunch. Now remember, I NEVER used to even eat breakfast so this alone is fueling my system with the vitamins, minerals and energy that really MAKES ME FEEL great - NO MORE SLUGGISH MORNINGS!! I'm hooked and I can't wait to drink this every single morning - it's crazy but so true - ask my fam!! (they drink it too) - if we travel, I bring a travel mixer with me and all the fixings to make my shake - I do not go without it - AND IF I DO - I FEEL LIKE ####!!!!


It's a detox and helps with better absorption of nutrients

It promotes weight loss

Eliminates sweet cravings

Improves digestion

Lowers choloesterol

Helps with cognitive FOCUS - YES YOU HEARD ME!!!

Prebiotics and Probiotics are in this superfood powder

23 vitamins and minerals

Honestly, these are just a few of the reasons I wanted to DIAL INTO THIS NUTRITION DENSE superfood but let me share a video with you so you can BE IN AWE YOURSELF!!! No lie, this is THE BOMB DOT COM!!!

Got a minute?? Check out Darin Olien in this quick video below!!

WOW - JUST WOW right?? I was floored and just to see where the ingredients come from and the research and development that goes into this product - I cannot say enough about it. Def beats the CRAP FOOD (PROCESSED) in the pantry that can sit in a box for months that we put into our bodies - or the fast food #### we stop to pick up - UGH!!! It's so worth every cent I invest in my health (family too)!!

You can shop all the flavors by clicking here and best part is IT'S MONEY BACK GUARANTEE but I know you'll be hooked! If you buy some, please reach out to me for the recipes I have to share with you! They are all FREE and I know you'll love the options - they are amazing.

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