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LIIFT 4 Results & Kits Available for Pre-Sale | NOLA FIT

My team partner and FAVORITE Professional Trainer just launched a great new workout program and it's not being released until October. Good news is, because you found my blog post - you can jump in on MY EARLY TEST SUMMER SHRED PROGRAM and do this program before MOST others will ever even know it exists! We promise maximum results with simplified nutrition and 4x workouts per week. I asked people to share their BEFORE & AFTER photos and the results are shocking!

THE LIIFT 4 RESULTS ARE AMAZING! Everyone in the Coach Test Group was already pretty well in shape and still saw amazing results.

There is a modifier in every single workout. I truly believe this program works for anyone looking to tone, strengthen, learn how to use weights the right way - no matter if you want to lose 5-10-20-50 or even over 100 pounds - this program is that perfect!



Coaches began sharing their photos after just ONE ROUND of this program and WOW! You can click on each photo to enlarge!

One round is 8 weeks.

Is this program good for WEIGHT LOSS?

While this workout isn't designed specifically for weight loss, you will appreciate the loss you will see along with the TONING AND SCULPTING that you might not have ever experienced before! Woo Hoo!!

The 30-40 minute workouts focus on strength training and HIIT training to BLAST FAT and build LEAN MUSCLE!

Since the workouts are short and intense and only 4x per week, I highly recommend ENERGIZE - you know my unicorn juice, go-go juice, #MomCrack you always see me with on InstaGram and SnapChat! It helps improve performance, promote recovery, delay muscle fatigue. It helps me PUSH thru most anything honestly! CONTAINS ZERO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS!! It's plant based!



Ready to order and join my LIIFT 4 TEST Group?

Below you will find the links to the various packages for LIIFT4. If you aren’t sure which package is best for you, feel free to reach out and I can help you pick!! Email me here

If you are INTERESTED in participating in my LIIFT4 TEST group you will need to make sure that I am your assigned coach, that you have purchased a challenge pack option and it includes either the performance line or Shakeo (SuperFoods) with it! Please let me know if you have any additional clarifying questions and I would be happy to help.

Click the link below to order your PACK:

(Packs 1-3 are if you already have BOD)

(Packs 4-6 are if you DO NOT ALREADY have BOD)...if you don't know what BOD is - you don't have


Join My B4 LIIFT4 Group

Want to get started now? I have an option for you! If you purchase ONE OF THE L4 challenge packs then you will be added to my L4 TEST group where we are going to be going through a prep calendar for L4 (CALLED B4 L4) that was specifically created by my awesome trainer friend Joel Freeman. Easy and all spelled out for you to just do it and check it off!

You will have 4 prep workouts to follow that Joel has created in addition to the actual LIIFT4 program. Plus we will become familiar with the nutrition plan, the workout schedule and get you on the path to your own results.

All you have to do is make sure you complete the application and make your purchase with me as your coach!

click here:


If you want to learn more about exactly what this program is

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