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Upcoming Support & Accountability Groups | Team Nola Fit

This summer i have lots of upcoming support & accountability groups - let's find the one for you!


It’s kinda amazing what happens when you make small, but somewhat dreaded, changes to what you do daily.

I say “somewhat dreaded” bcuz idk about you but i really don’t LOVE making changes, I kinda love my comfort zone & staying with a routine.

But I *know* in fitness, in nutrition, in business, in parenting, we have to try new things ALL THE TIME. It feels like a risk and it IS. But this is the difference between working hard & working smart. You can work hard & play everything “safe” within your comfort zone and you’ll probably do ok.. for a bit anyway. Eventually you may feel stuck/bored/exhausted.

To work smarter & get unstuck, you have to open your mind to new and different ways and have the drive and courage to take steps out of your comfort zone, admit to the solve-able problem you’re using as a story to justify your fear of the alternative.

People who are inspiring, in my opinion, are the people who take risks, aren’t trying to fit a mold, they lead the way, they do what others won’t, they show what’s possible starting at ground zero.

I’m aiming to do that & sometimes falling short, but I can assure you I don’t stop aiming for it & I hope you don’t either! Here are some sure FUN WAYS TO CHANGE IT UP THIS SUMMER - AND LOSE WEIGHT THE RIGHT WAY SO IT STAYS OFF. No fads! I sure hope you'll trust me and join me (NO RISK GUARANTEE as always)



3. Nutrition Makeover 2B - click here for details


4. 3-Day REFRESH - (CLEANSE) - ONGOING - CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS you can do this on your time - whenever you are ready to jumpstart your metabolism and do a GUT cleaning without spending days in the bathroom (wink - if you know what i mean) - AND YOU CAN EAT ON THIS CLEANSE! I do this quarterly personally and I've been able to maintain my weight goals! It keeps me in check!


5. Free MINI Workout (Exercise) Accountability Group - JOIN BY FILLING OUT THIS FREE APP and I'll send you the details!! That easy! This is where it all began. I provide you with a printout of daily workouts that you will be expected to CHECK IN with me once you've completed. It's a great starting place for those who haven't worked out at all - in however long. It's to create GOOD HABITS and from here you will want to DIVE IN DEEPER and challenge yourself even more because you'll be so proud of yourself! Always AIM HIGHER !! You can double up and do this workout routine on top of all the other ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAMS we have going on - it's simple!

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