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I'm Ready to DO THIS! | Nola Fit

OK super! If you've landed here, it's probably because I sent you the LINK to move forward with TEAM NOLA FIT and get started making a huge change in your weight loss & health journey! If you stumbled here on accident, take that as a sign!

First and foremost THANK YOU so much for sharing your personal struggles with me. I can totally relate to every one of them and I understand what it feels like to be in that position! That was ME too!


Here are the details on joining my next program below.... I want to make sure that my services and the group are a good fit for you to meet your fitness goals.

When you join a challenge group with me you are going to get the absolute best value and experience!

This is the full picture. Its Fitness+nutrition+ support = success...

You are going to get your 30- 90 day fitness program (depends on what we've discussed) that is proven to work , a group of a few other ladies who are going to be with you every step of the way.

These ladies are on the same mission as you are and the support will be priceless, a 30 day supply of a dense dose of daily nutrition packed with super foods which will help to clean out your body, CLEAN OUT THAT BLOATED GUT, a customizable meal plan, and of course me as your coach to guide you every single step of the way.


There are options for you to continue staying in my fitness groups with me BEYOND this program too - so we can continue working on your fitness goals together.

I'll talk more on that in a bit.

When you sign up for this group and the program, I will personally attend to your progress through regularly-scheduled email, photo and text/phone updates. In this way, I'll be able to work with you closely, even though you could be thousands of miles away.

This program might just be the best investment in health you'll ever make!

I know it was for me!

I am looking for people who are SERIOUS, MOTIVATED and COMMITTED about getting fit and healthy and who will follow the recommended path that I am recommending for them -- because it works not just for me, but the hundreds of women I have worked with to succeed in their health and fitness goals.

Does that sound like it would benefit you and help you reach your goals?


OK, here is the good stuff.....

These are the two programs that my fitness group members get the BEST results with. This is Mandy. She lost 8 pounds in 21 days just by following the program and committing to herself!

I have personally done 3 rounds of the regular and 1 round of the extreme. I plan to do extreme again once I finish my current program.

Here is more on the program you will be doing, you have a few options….

21 Day Fx program - for this with very little to no workout recently….


The 21 Day Fix Extreme program - for those with a few months or more of fitness under their belt recently

Either way you choose, I get to be your fitness coach and you get added into my virtual fitness bootcamp group and we will work together and I will monitor your progress daily!

Your challenge pack program includes a 30 day supply of SuperFoods Powder packed with super foods nutrition.

I replace my breakfast or lunch (sometimes both) with my SuperFoods Shake. That is a heck of a lot cheaper than most meals, such as chick fil a, wendy's, subway, starbucks and 100 times healthier so my husband and I take it out of our grocery budget, and we end up breaking even and we look at it as if we aren't spending extra for it since it replaces a meal. IT'S NOT A PROTEIN SHAKE! There is protein in it but it's a MEAL!

I actually get it for $3.45 a shake and pay only $2 for shipping as I am a coach and I can tell you more about the preferred customer 25% discount details.

OK so here is everything you get in the PROGRAM Packs...

The 21 Day Fix PROGRAM Pack includes:

- the full workout program, with 9 different workouts to keep your body guessing, working and building

- and the free 30-day fully customizable online meal planner,

- color coded containers

- and a shakeology shaker take and go cup,

- simple clean eating plan recipe book PLUS I offer a ton of supporting 21 DF meal plans and how to’s in our group.

- and your 30-day supply of Shakeology which is also baked into the meal plans and included in your eating plan booklet,

- In the Bootcamp Fitness & Nutrition group you will get me as your daily fitness coach and mentor, the groups setting for support, motivation and accountability, a weekly clean eating meal plan, and weekly prizes for fun group activity contests we do.

Okay so for everything in my challenge group your total investment with the PROGRAM will be $160 for either of the Challenge Packs!

This is ALL done online in a private Facebook group with me as your coach.

I'd like to get you enrolled as the group fills fast and to allow time for shipping.

If you are good with that I have 2 enrollment options which also makes me your fitness coach to send you and we can get going from there.

Does that sound amazing!!!?? Lets do this!


Let's get started by picking your PACK




Once you're set up, email me so I can send you the rest of your information! YOU CAN DO THIS! I'm so excited for you! xx Heather

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