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September 2018 Workout Programs | Nola Fit

LOTS GOING ON WITH TEAM NOLA FIT - are you ready to hop on the train and get your health and fitness back on track?

Here is our September schedule.

October 1st we are doing that amazing L4 program that I just completed the COACH TEST GROUP on - ya'll it's my favorite program to date!! If you've reached out to me, I will have all of the details to each program and pack coming to you via email! Check out the calendar and see if you are ready to jump on - (you can do all 3 with me if you'd like) - order kits and get more details by clicking on the options below!

(3-Day Cleanse is ongoing so you can really do this at any time you choose and I'll coach you through it!) If you are doing CLEAN WEEK with us - it's free if you have ALL ACCESS and the shakes!!

If you don't, the kit is only $29 -

L4 - this is the ultimate "get results" program. I KNOW YOU'LL GET THE RESULTS you are looking for if you can commit to me to workout 4x per week for 30 minutes and follow the easy meal plan I give you!

New blog post coming with the breakdown of all of these items - please reach out to me if you are ON BOARD or drop a comment below! I'm here to help you achieve your goals - even if life has gotten in the way!

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