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So you want to be a COACH? | NOLA FIT

If you’re reading this it probably means you have some sort of interest in WHAT I DO - Coaching. I realize that I haven’t talked a whole lot about Coaching on the blog so I thought it’d be a good time to outline several personal and business advantages of becoming one!

I get questions about the coaching opportunity frequently so I wanted to add some of that information to the blog.

First I will share my quick story and then share the advantages of Coaching and why I’m still a coach after almost starting over a year ago even though I'm a certified fitness instructor and trainer.

My Story (The Quick Version)

I have been a HEALTH Coach since August 2017 (although I've been a certified group fitness instructor for over 20+ years). Initially I felt in a funk and bloated and wanted to try a 3-Day cleanse and then a 21 day program to get my nutrition on track. The 3-day cleanse DREW ME IN!

Honestly I had no intentions of making money. I ALREADY coached challenges and had my BARRE TEAM involved in many outside FREE FITNESS events in and out of the studio.

I had already started this fashion & fitness blog many years prior to that and knew I would simply continue documenting my journey like I’ve always done. I figured if there were other people out there interested in trying the cleanse/detox after reading my experiences, I could possibly earn a commission on the sale of that detox program. I never actually thought I would though.

But… I did! My first 4-months as a coach I made over $1000 so I decided to put that money into savings so I could really keep up with this SIDE GIG cash and see if it continued - right?! like why not.

I earned my first commission 4 weeks into joining and it was a grand total of $19.44. Not much right? But it was $19.44 that I didn’t expect to receive.

My very first commission was made on the sale of an All Access Program Membership. In the first two months of becoming a Coach I made $338.18 and through four months I was up to $1034.47! That breaks down to about $258 per month so obviously I’m not posting this to brag, lol. I’m posting this because it’s real life. That is money I would not have made if it hadn’t been for trying a detox and deciding to start my new nutrition journey on top of my regular business and fitness instructor job.

And that’s including my first weeks at $0.00!

This was with NO coaches in my downline – this was mostly from All Access Programs so my friends and family could workout at home, SuperFoods commissions and a couple other program Memberships.

The fact that I was actually earning money was exciting! Who knew? At that point I knew this Coaching thing was legitimate.

My goal was to cover the cost of my own SuperFoods shakes and it DID!! All I want to do is HELP OTHERS create a lifestyle - something sustainable that they can DO ALL THE TIME AND NOT GO ON DIETS ANYMORE - to sustain a good healthy weight for their heart and for their LIFE! TO LIVE LONGER AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES - and for my friends who are approaching 40's and 50's struggling with the BELLY BLOAT THAT IS SO HARD TO GET RID OF - !!! THIS HAS CHANGED MY BODY FOR SURE and I am loving everything about it. Not only has my body changed, my eating has changed and MY MIND, MY THOUGHT PROCESS, MY FAMILY eats better too! IT'S CHANGED everything for the BETTER! NO DOUBT!!


The 3 Types of Beachbody Coaches

There are 3 different paths you can take with coaching on my team (TEAM NOLA FIT) so don't worry, you’ve got choices and my team and I are here to support you no matter which type of Coach you decide to become! Remember, it is your business so you can make your own rules, your own schedule, your own hours, etc. While there are many paths you can take, the types of coaches can be generalized into 3 categories. AND you can change categories at any time -


You love the fitness programs and also Shakeology and want to receive 25% off of all of you future purchases. You don’t want to work the business but, hey, why not save some money and sign up for the discount? If you do not want to do anything other than purchase the products for yourself at a discount, that is all you have to do! This is especially beneficial for those who drink Shakeology every day. Here's why: Customer cost for a months supply of Shakeology: $129.95 Coach cost for a months supply of Shakeology: $97.46 Coach savings: $32.49 Coach fee: $15.95 Total savings: $16.54 PLUS coaches also get discounted shipping so you will save even more! Customer cost for shipping: average $16 depending on location Coach cost for shipping: $2 Total savings: about $14 WHICH MEANS you will save a grand total of about $30 a MONTH on Shakeology alone just by becoming a Discount Coach! That's a savings of $360 a YEAR! Discount coaching is, in fact, the most common type of coach there is. Nearly 85% of coaches sign up solely for the discount. There is a $15.95 monthly fee as a coach (to maintain your websites/coach online office) but clearly you’ll recoup that in Shakeology savings. If you get Shakeology each month, it’s a no-brainer. And you have your own link to SHARE with anyone who is interested in the changes they see in your body and attitude toward life. We pay it forward for others if they would like to clean up their nutrition and learn about health coaching too. It's a lifestyle! It takes time and baby steps. But I see it happen daily that coaches on my team get asked to share their shakes, programs and unicorn juice so why not get credit right?#@!

TYPE 2 - HOBBY COACH This type of coach receives all the same benefits as a Discount Coach, plus some!

Let’s say you’ve been through a challenge group and love to talk about how well you’re doing with your programs. Friends are noticing how great you look and asking what you’ve done to accomplish your goals. When you talk about the program, you already referring friends and I will help you with getting them all set for our next challenge. By signing up for a coaching account, you will earn 25% of any sales you make to your friends who join a challenge group. You do not have to coach the challenge group if you choose not to (as your sponsoring coach, I will do that for you). If you invite only 2-3 friends to join the next challenge group with you, you’ll earn anywhere from $80-$150!

There you go - you paid for your SuperFoods and often your entire challenge pack.

This type of coach has typically participated in a Challenge Group after purchasing a Challenge Pack (a month’s supply of Shakeology + a fitness program). They loved the fitness program, Shakeology, and the motivation/support of the group. This type of coach loves sharing the products with others and paying it forward. A hobby coach generally earns a few hundred dollars a month of extra income for themselves and their family! For simply sharing a POSITIVE, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! We want to HELP OTHERS do the same. Invest now in their health so they don't have to later in MEDICINES AND OTHER DISEASE RELATED EXPENSES! TYPE 3 - BUSINESS BUILDER This type of coach receives all the same benefits as Discount Coach and Hobby Coach, plus some! The business builder coach is looking to build a solid business and a team of their own. They love ALL OF THE products, and are going it ALL IN. They want to pay their love for the products forward by helping others and building a full-time income. They are a product of the product and are out to motivate, inspire, and change people’s lives for the better! This type of coach can earn a 6 figure income within 2 years of being consistent and working hard in their business. If you want the opportunity to really build your own business and turn it into a full time career all it takes is a $39.95 “start up fee” or the purchase a Challenge Pack. With a Challenge Pack it is FREE to start!

You will have your initial coaching fee of $39.95 waived if you purchase a challenge pack when you sign up. THIS IS BY FAR THE WAY TO GO, especially if you get one of the monthly promotions with SUPERFOODS SHAKES.

So, as you can see there are several options you can take with coaching! If you have any questions on coaching or would like to become a coach on my team TEAM NOLA FIT - I am here to hold your hand and be your MENTOR -




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