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Must Have HAIR Products | Glitter U

Someone asked if my hair was real (as in my own) the other day via DM.

Or if I had extensions.

For the record I read all of your DM’s I just don’t have messenger on my phone so it might take me a hot minute to reply. You can always get me faster through email at

I really do try to answer questions that I get here so that more people can get the answers they may be wondering about.

MY crazy hair is mine!! No extensions here. Trust me, if I had extensions, my hair would be so much thicker and fuller!!!

My favorite hair products currently are quite the list lately - I'm going to share them with you along with the links to the exact products so there is no question! I hope this helps for those of you who messaged me and commented on all of my posts!

Product info click Pink Links Below

Because these are FALL ITEMS -

some of these items are selling very fast so check back

if they already sold before you got to get them

FALL Favorite Beauty Must Haves Below:

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