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BLACK FRIDAY get fit sale | NOLA FIT | starts today!

Starting Wednesday, November 21st central time, my personal OFFICIAL Black Friday Sale will be LIVE!!

The big ticket item is the sale on my Unicorn Juice, the all natural pre-workout. It has no artificial ingredients OR flavors, reduces your perceived exertion allowing for a better quality workout, and doesn’t need to be cycled out of your system.


I USED to have panic attacks that made taking a pre-workout or energy drink impossible until I found this amazing yellow Unicorn Juice. It doesn’t make me feel like my heart is about to explode, and it can be taken twice a day if you need a boost of energy in the afternoon.

A few members of my team have completely stopped drinking energy drinks and stopped all crap soft drinks with the help of this supplement!

There are TWO WAYS to get you some yellow Unicorn Juice for 20% off:

1) Purchase one of the following challenge or completion packs:

80 Day Obsession, click here to buy

Annual BOD and Shakeology pack, click here for purchase $20 off

or the Shakeology and Portion Fix Completion pack- click here to buy

My Holiday Challenge workout of choice is this one and it's on sale now

(save $20)


2) 11/20—11/26 ONLY: receive this special offer with purchase of

Shakeology Focused Energy Boost, click here to buy

Strength Slides and Booties (US & Canada only), click here to get yours

or a

Yoga Mat (US & Canada only)! get



Select workout apparel will be 40% off, and several pieces of equipment and gear are being offered at up to 70% off. They include:

  • 21 Day Fix Insulated Tote

  • 3-Day Refresh Shaker Cup

  • Agility Markers

  • Resistance Loops (set of 3)

  • B-LINES Resistance Bands

  • Blue Foam Roller

  • Chin-up Bar

  • Strength Band

  • Daily Sunshine Shaker Cup

  • SuperFoods Premium Hybrid Shaker Bottle

  • Door Attachment Kit

  • Tony Horton’s Powerstands

  • PT Sandbag

  • Strength Sliders and Booties

  • Buddy Ball

  • SuperFoods Boost: Focused Energy (I add to my shakes for extra focus)

  • Yoga Mat

  • B-LINES Bands Upgrade Kit

To purchase any of these items, visit my EASY STORE by clicking here.


Clickable photos below for quick links to

some of my favorites!!


As always, you can also contact me and I’ll send you a direct link to the item you’d like!

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