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ME TIME - Transform :20

Happy Thankful Thursday - I wanted to hop on and tell you a little secret about something I have coming around the corner?!!?

Really excited and it's coming at the perfect time - what better way to start the NEW YEAR - I was just going to share a transformation of a friend of mine who just finished this new program and how she lost SIX pounds and SIX inches after 6 weeks!

20 minutes a day.

6 days a week.

6 weeks.

I was going to tell you how.....when she overslept as a mom of a newborn, she still got her workout in before the baby woke up bc it is only a 20 minute workout! Ah, i remember those days clearly! Although that was over 18+ years ago for ----> MOST OF MY FRIENDs that are closer to my age are going thru other TYPES OF LIFE & BODY CHANGES that could really use some help!! #METIME and hello 20 minutes?? I know you spend that much time on social media - so here's a chance to break that habit and create a new

I am bringing back the STEP as my prop of choice (a more modern version than when I taught STEP in the early 90's lmao)

It's gonna be SO MUCH FUN & it's going to add the perfect NEW element of MY CHALLENGE - TALK ABOUT OUR legs ....they are going to respond so well to this new change!!! {and that stubborn knee fat} - you can wear your WIGWOM socks if you want to!! wink wink

The program is called T:20 & I am opening up my PRE SALE list in 5 days! Meaning, my girls will have FIRST DIBS on the program AND the equipment that comes with it!

If you want to LEARN MORE or you KNOW you want to join me in our JANUARY #METIME group, join here to learn more & receive all the purchasing details:

#METIME means a lot to me, I cannot wait to expand on this, share more & help HUNDREDS of women through this program.

It is for beginners.

It is for advanced fitness levels.


Can't wait to see who joins us!

REMEMBER: join this group if you do not have a coach already MAKE SOME ME TIME & as usual - email me any questions!

{PS: we will follow an easy meal plan}

I cannot WAIT to compare this incredible program!!

I'm so excited for the results you girls are going to see too!!

....more details coming soon! (SEE THIS BLOG POST FOR VIDEO OF THIS)

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