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2019 life planner | Nola Fit

I literally just customized my new 2019 planner (see small bad photo above ) and i'm so very excited. I had to include ME TIME on the front and of course some black and white animal print! There are so many fabulous choices, I was between this one and the peacock print for sure! My dear friend Lynn referred me to this planner and she's been using hers for over 5+ years now! I'll share the scoop with you here incase you want to get you one too!


so many options to choose from


Last year I used the Brilliant life Planner by Beth Anne Schwamberger and it was amazing. I just wanted to change it up this year so I can honestly say this one is great too for office, planning and goals. I found it a little too big for carrying around in my bag though (same with my new one i'm sure)

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