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February Online Fitness Workshop Registration NOW OPEN | Nola Fit

If the SAINTS pull out a WIN you’re gonna see me sporting these SHINY gold shimmer yoga pants more often. Lol.

Saturday’s feel good to MOVE our bodies. Even go for a WALK, treadmill or outside when the SUN 🍑🔥 decides to shine again!!

I’d much rather spend 20-30 minutes everyday working out for my MIND ((reduces STRESS)) and body and a few minutes figuring out what I’m going to eat for the week... instead of jumping from one FAD diet to another fad diet or MAGIC drink or 💊 wondering why nothing ever works.

Join my online virtual training for our February success group!!! I host one every single month. Women & MEN !!! Month 2 is OPEN for enrollment starting today.

It’s super easy and nothing to be scared of or intimidated by I promise you you can do this and we take it very slow baby steps!! 😘

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