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february #fiercefemales fit club | register now | it's all about self love

The february #fiercefemales fit club REGISTRATION IS now OPEN!! IT'S ALL ABOUT Self Love

February 4th, 2019–March 10th, 2019

This 6 week challenge is going to have a focus on positive body image, self love and confidence. I find that in speaking with all of my previous clients and team members that this is one area that truly holds them back from reaching their fullest potential. I want to work in through this group a focus on mindset, positive self talk and honoring the skin you are in. We are going to focus on honoring your body with nutrition, with exercise and how to handle all of the things life throws at you. For example, we will address emotional eating, late night snacking, creating new healthier habits and routines and your mindset!

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