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3-Day Sugar DETOX | Summer is here!

MAY 6th is the BIG DAY!! 🎉 My 3-Day Sugar Detox ✌🏼 Sometimes our bodies just need a break!!!! 😳 So… Starting MAY 6th, I will be utilizing a 3-day, plant-based cleanse. I do this program every quarter ((or as needed)), typically after vacation or a holiday weekend, or when I feel I’ve hit that dang plateau again!! It’s a great way to jumpstart my metabolism and give myself a great gut cleanse! WHY.....???? Because...... 1. Our bodies need a break from excessive digestion. 2. To eliminate sugar cravings 3. To drop 5-7 pounds of vacation/ holiday weight & “the bloat” In 3 days, you can expect to lose the bloat, lose the water weight, deplete your sugar cravings, gain a ton of energy, and get yourself back on track with your healthy eating habits. RESET!!! Some of my awesome team NOLA FIT is doing it too..... We will be there to motivate and support you every step of the way. If you want to join us, message me ASAP, or comment below, use link or “DETOX” to reserve your spot. Oh and when we finish, I have another awesome workout and nutrition plan option for you to carry you into SUMMA!!!! This. Is. Going. Down. Get your KIT HERE

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