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#getUnstuck PODCAST | It is Officially Launched! The POD-squad |

It's launched and we have a private community --->>> the POD-SQUAD!

Where podcast lifers come together to discuss the most recent episodes of #getUnstuck!! This is your private space to share stories (in relation to pods), meet like-minded listeners, and form valuable new friendships. This is the ONLY official group for fans of the #getUnstuck PODCAST with Heather Newman! No spam (including self-promotion), respect everyone’s privacy, be kind and courteous (always), no hate speech or bullying, no politics (there are many other places for that!), and report any trolls! But the most important things to remember… Get involved and have fun! You are SPECIAL! And you CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE once you change your mindset!

Thank you for all of your support - I couldn't do this without YOU!!!

XOXO, Heather

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