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I Found Something That Works! | Vision Board

I’ve been talking a lot about my online Vision Board Course lately, so I thought you would appreciate this story.

In 2014, I gave myself permission to know like I was a KID AGAIN!!!

Some of the dreams I wrote, I would have been mortified if anyone saw them.

They were so outrageous, bold and different from the person I had become.....

But, I gave myself permission to go crazy with my imagination. Act like a kid again and just dream with nobody I had to explain myself to - it's about ME! My dreams, my life - right!!!!

I put these dreams on a vision board (just like I saw Oprah do years ago) and less than 2 years later, I was pretty much living that very life. - wooooooo - mind blown! No, it's not magic - but there is something to a DREAM BOOK OR VISION BOARD! Trust me. I am sharing all of my secrets............ HOW DOES IT WORK???

i'm going to share it with you HERE!!!

I took every detail of what I did and what I currently do to turn my dreams into a reality and put it all in this online vision board course for you.

I AM FOREVER grateful for a goal-setting strategy… and it's spoken of in the Bible! Look it up.

I can’t wait to start this course with you today.

I can't wait for you to share your vision board with me!!


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