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How I Film My Vlogs & Videos | Cameras & Storage | Filters

I get asked on the daily about my videos, camera, storage, vlogging, blogging, podcasting and filters. As you know, I love all things social media, quick photography and making things pretty (and different looking)!

So today, I'm going to share with you some of the tools I use and I'm providing all the links so you can start saving up to get your own and create your own videos and things! Tag me if you get or use any of the items mentioned here in this blog - I love when you guys tag me. I'm on Instagram at @GlitterU and @HeatherNewmanFitness - also still over on snapchat at HummerDriver!! Facebook you can find me here:

FOR this BLOG post purpose, know that all things in PINK are clickable for you to get to easily and get your swag tools!!

Cameras of choice:

Iphone 8Plus

Storage (always back up your stuff) I learned the hard way 3x now!!!

I'll have more info coming in an addition blog post soon. I will have some presets available for you SOON!!! Stay tuned!!!

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