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It's almost here: I've got a VIP spot for you | MM100 NEW WORKOUT

Ok, I can almost SHARE it with you. One of the MAJOR NEW things I've been super excited about that's coming.....?!👂 There is a new virtual workout program coming to and I'm SO FREAKIN' SUPER STOKED about it. The creator is a celebrity trainer, Jericho, the same one that taught me CORE DE FORCE!!! ..... Ya'll, I swear, she is such an inspiring momma who put together this new workout program that will transform your life if you are UP FOR THE CHALLENGE! I've been seeing so many encouraging TRANSFORMATIONS FROM OUR private COACH TEST GROUP that it's truly blowing my MIND BLOWN!!! #sopumped Here are a few things that I am personally loving about this program so far...... (1.) The workouts are all 20-30 minutes long.

(Great for us busy women and MOMS) (2.) That there is a HUGE emphasis on your morning routine and establishing healthy long term habits! UM HELLO..... that is already what I preach, so I'm in!!! (3.) EVERY day the workout is different and I won't get bored, which I easily do!! (4.) There is a modifier in every workout so that no matter what your fitness level is you can come in and progress from beginner all the way to advanced. (5.) Lastly I love that the program is actually long enough that if you commit to the ENTIRE program you will walk away at the end with a TOTAL transformation of your body, mind and nutrition. Soo I'm EXCITED to host a LAUNCH GROUP for this new program where I'm going to walk you through the program, get your results and help you install your own healthy habits! If you want to be a part of my LAUNCH GROUP and be mentored by me, then fill this application found by clicking the link below..... to get the details on the program, get into the pre launch group and also find the details on how to ACCESS the FREE WORKOUT PREVIEW on MONDAY! 👉👉LINK: click here now WHO IS EXCITED!!!!!

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