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Heather's Mini Bikini BootCamp | FREE | 30 Day AB's & 3 Day Shred Plan


ARE you READY to kick the excuses IN JULY !? . . I’m looking for 25 go getters who are wanting to get into the best shape of their lives and excuse proof their current situation.

. I’ll be doing SPECIFIC (easy) AB WORKOUTS on the daily and giving you a copy of my 3-Day Shred Plan FOR FREE!!! with a small , exclusive group in my MINI BIKINI BOOTCAMP for a 30-day commitment FROM YOU.

This group is for beginners who are just not sure how to start making workouts a part of your everyday routine.

If you are a BOOTCAMP VET OF MINE or a BARRE-BABE, you are welcome to join us as a SIDE JAM, this will not be your FULL WORKOUT PROGRAM, THIS WOULD BE considered EXTRA....but if you are NEW TO MY TRIBE - this is all I require of you for July - IT'S A GREAT PLACE TO START GETTING THAT body in bikini mode!!

We’ll work together to get you set up with a printable copy of the actual AB CHALLENGE for 30 days along with a FREE COPY OF MY 3-DAY SHRED PLAN to help jump start your new journey. I'm here to ensure we STICK TO IT .. TOGETHER & kick your booty into high gear. . Let's make this YOUR BEST and most confident summer ever

But you have to START FIRST!!! .

STEP 1: GET YOUR PRINTABLE PDF by filling out this link HERE:

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