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HARMONES & Midlife Fitness for Women | Let's fix this 'ISH!

Can WE just talk about SOMETHING that NOBODY wants to talk about? . I know there are A FEW TOPICS that are just NOT what we want to see on our social media feeds, that's why WE HAVE THE UNFOLLOW option available to us at any time !!! (check) . What better month to even mention THIS than my BIG BIRTHDAY MONTH, right?! I deal with this, my clients deal with this and for some reason - it's simply not addressed out LOUD! . . On the daily, behind the scenes I am hearing women from all walks of life struggling with the SAME ISSUES - . . OH NO, what is she about to SAY right?! well, guys CLOSE YOUR EARS - & WOMEN age 40+ & 50+ ----> I'm talking to you! I'm READY TO HELP YOU - I got certified thru the Fitness Association of America in a specialized training that has given me all the experience and TOOLS and now I'm ready to educate and share them all with you! I'm seriously debating if I should offer a COMPLETE LIVE WORKSHOP at the gym OR if I take matters into a VIRTUAL mini course?!? WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS - I'D LOVE TO HEAR THEM BELOW as I know alot of you are NOT local! . The subject I'm referring to is: 'HARMONES & midlife FITNESS for WOMEN' . . I'd appreciate your VOICE in the format you think would work best and if this STRIKES A CORD (or a harmone) with you DROP your email & VOTE thru this private/secure link and I'll be in touch on this TOUCHY SUBJECT!!!

. . . I've got some IDEAS LADIES! We are gonna fix this 'ISH TOGETHER!!!

xo, Heather

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