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How to Stay on Track when you Travel! | You can eat healthy while traveling!

Over the years I’ve finally learned a thing or two about staying on track with fitness goals while I’m away from home. INSERT A BIG YAY!

Hopefully some of them will work for you, too!

  1. It’s all about mindset. First and foremost, heading into your vacation with the right mindset can make all the difference. If you leave town feeling wishy-washy about staying on track, you’re VERY likely to derail and come home with a few extra pounds—and loads of regret. Sound familiar?? Resolve to stick with your healthy habits before you head out. Consider even writing down a few goals or a plan. Y E S!!!

  2. Pack for the win. Think ahead about what tools or resources you’ll need while you’re away. For me, I’ve already downloaded the workouts I want from MY fitflix LIBRARY (my all access) onto my iPad or phone before I leave. (Did you know you can stream over 1,000 different kinds of workouts on this handy, little app?!) Also, my favorite workout tennis shoes and apparel are packed and ready to go before I step foot out the door. Set yourself up for a win by planning ahead.

  3. Make the time. Decide before you go when the best time for fitness might be. When we headed up to Michigan, my husband and I knew we'd have a hotel gym (super small but functional) so we walked every early morning..... we’d get up super early and hit the little gym. You can go for a run, stream a workout, use the hotel gym, catch a local cycling class…whatever’s your jam! But just make sure to schedule intentional movement in your day ahead of time and make it happen! You’ll be so glad you did. It's more important than you'll ever realize.

  4. BYOS: Bring Your Own Snacks. Having some of your favorite healthy snacks along for the ride can be a lifesaver. We always pack a suitcase of nutritious snacks. Raw nuts, healthy crackers, nut butters, Beachbars, and other on-the-go bites save you from splurging on expensive and often high-calorie treats. Bonus: as our snack supply dwindles, we make room for souvenirs!

  5. Keep good habits intact. Yes, vacation should be a time for letting go and soaking up fun! But releasing all of your good intentions and habits while you’re away isn’t the best idea. Habits take time to build and solidify, and research shows that consistency is key! Not only that, but your body has adjusted to all the good food and movement you give it. Abruptly giving up the goodness can wreak havoc on your system. For example, I’ve had a yummy SUPER FOODS Shake each day for years now. It’s fast, easy, and my body loves it. So you better believe that my shake mixes and shaker cups are in my suitcase—no matter what!

  6. Take the long way. One simple way to build movement into your vacation is to just look for the long route. Take the stairs when you can, park further away than necessary, and keep moving! Use your feet for exploring your surroundings and soak up the new scenery as you move your body.

  7. Track your steps. Using your Fitbit, a pedometer, or other step-tracking device can be a fun way to increase movement when you’re out of town. Sometimes as a family, we’ll have a little competition going to see how many steps we can all get in a day.

As always, moderation is key. Please hear me when I say that vacation is meant to be enjoyed! By no means am I encouraging such restriction or rigidity that the fun is sucked right out of your time away. OH AND NEVER FORGET YOUR UNICORN CRACK FOR ENERGY when you're feeling more tired than normal!!!

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