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Sharing all the Details on my current MUST HAVES for Summer 2019 | Heather Newman Fitness | New Virt

I'm just popping in this morning with a blog post that I haven't done in a long time! After being cooped up with cabin fever (thank GOD for my at home workouts) from Hurricane Barry, which by the way we are so grateful this major thing didn't hit us, I was going thru my new things I've been asked about on SnapChat so I thought I'd share with you here:

Let me know if you get any of these amazing things too! My SQUAD and I usually love the same things!


You guys know –I love photography, filters, straps, cameras, etc..... – So when I posted this strap when I was on my walk, it was holding my cell phone while I walked at a fast pace and did the job. When I got it, it immediately made me feel GOOD. That is worth a LOT to me! SO I had to share ASAP –

The camera, it's a new one and i'm loving it for VLOGs. It's got amazing clarity and I'm still learning all the FUN THINGS about it!

DETAILS & clickable LINKS

Link to get LEOPARD Strap here | Link to check out camera here | Link to my new phone case here | Link to my phone strappy LOVE HANDLE here | Link to this amazing book we are going to be using in our Bible study here


SPEAKING OF BIBLE STUDY GROUP: Are you interested in joining us?

Have you EVER done a virtual BIBLE STUDY? . . . it's the coolest way to get the most out of HIS WORD! This is somewhat new to me but I've always wanted to understand HIS WORD and sometimes to hear other people's interpretation of what we just read. I personally do not read these type of books from cover to cover (squirrel).....but I find that 99% of the time I open the reading up to the EXACT message I was meant to hear THAT DAY in that moment! . I'm going to be doing a virtual bible study with some of my closest friends who have more experience in this than I do but it's going to be SO MUCH FUN! . Here's the BOOK we are currently pulling inspiration from, please use this link to grab yours if you would like to join us. There will be a YOUTUBE link just for you to join us! . Q&A: (1) Where do I grab my copy of the book? Buy BOOK from this link: (2) How to join this BIBLE Study group? Fill out the form here and we'll send you an email with the link:

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