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5 easy steps BACK ON TRACK! and get ready for the new fall workout program!

Hey friends, it's been a hot minute since I posted a BLOG post that you can use to help get your life together and get you out of a FUNKY state of mind.

The world as we know it is just - well, something we have to continue to navigate thru - but STOP waiting around for everything to go back to the way it was! There are zero promises that that will EVER happen.....

But what you can do is get a game plan in place to pick up the pieces and start moving forward with a shift in focus and your mindset!

I encourage you to try this this over the weekend....either Saturday or SUNDAY:

How to get your life in order for the following week:

1. The first thing I do is prep!!! Set the stage, pull out your favorite candle and notebook..... write out your

goals for the week ahead, set the vibes up (candle + music) - no really, dive in and set the tone and really focus on the meals and workouts ahead too! Write it all down as if you are teacher planning your lessons for the upcoming week.

2. COMMIT TO SWEAT OR STRETCH daily! :10 minutes is all you need. Then head into your REAL WORKOUT to do. You should have a plan - that means a REAL PROGRAM to follow in order to get real results.

a great option is TONEN10.COM online studio WHERE EVERY WORKOUT is lined out for you to follow with a tracker to print and create your own workout binder to stay on track.....OR you are welcome to join our NEW UPCOMING CHALLENGE (READ MORE HERE) - you can literally do this from your laptop!! anywhere + anytime



3. There is so much underlying stress right now....unplug! Go outside and get in a walk or a YOGA sesh - (there are tons on YouTube for free) - i would call step 3 - PAMPER YOURSELF - get your game on from head to toe. Pamper yourself taking care of a good face wash, mask, get your skin feeling good and really take the time to pay attention to your nails, moisturizing game, etc. You don't have to hit the entire body in one day but take time out each weekend to really DIVE into a particular area to pamper yourself. A little time to give back to your mental well being. UNPLUG the phone - you can find my daily face routine here if you wanna try it too MY ANTI-AGING ROUTINE

4. press the RESET BUTTON!!! If you are in my fit club already, you know I AM HUGE ON PRESSING THE RESET BUTTON - discuss hard topics with your friends, decide how you will handle things better, how to cut out some of the negative vibes

grab some chips and salsa, read a book, take time to RESET

5. DECLUTTER AND CLEAN UP/CLEAN OUT - amp up for the week! tidy up your office, your desk, put dishes away, get the laundry caught up, organize the frig, put things away and PREP for your MONDAY.

Get rid of clutter, mail, etc.

then, go for the goal setting - if you want to dive into a digital workshop on how to do this, you can join my digital mini-course here


I HOPE YOU FIND THIS BLOG POST HELPFUL. Try it. really dial in to AMP UP your game and have something to AIM TOWARD - it helps you stay motivated to make it really clear on what you are going after for the week ahead!

COMING SOON...........




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