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6 AM Morning Routine: Wake Up EArly: Heather Newman

I wanted to share my entire updated routine with you guys - lately (even with the time change ) i've been getting up around 6AM with my lighted alarm clock (honestly Ken sees it before I do - I think I could sleep through sunlight- but it's a great option to getting up slowly without shocking your system with that obnoxious loud sounding alarm. Your body just gets up slowly and you feel more relaxed and at peace vs. panic mode first thing in the morning - i love it.

The puppies are usually at the foot of our bed with us and they don't move until I do. Noodle jumps up quickly, Nemo - he's a bit lazier.

The first thing I do is get out of bed and grab my water. I always break my morning fast with atleast 4-6 oz of water. I let the dogs out and I grab my journal.

I'm loving my phillips sonicare toothbrush (yes it's in pink) and my 3D toothpaste.

I go over my entire anti aging morning skincare routine here incase you missed this!


WWG - Words with GOD in a notebook (personal)

I write down in my Gratitude Journal

I go over my goals in my Push Journal

Mix up my Unicorn Juice and off to the garage gym to visit my ONLINE FIT GYM gals virtually and hit play for my daily workout.

I touch base with my BOOTYCAMP ladies and then it's off to


This is just a summary because I get asked often what my morning routine looks like. Some days are way better than others on timing but typically this is what my routine looks like. What about you? How do you start your mornings??

I'd love to hear all about it too.

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xoxo, Heather


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