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YOU get to be the VEHICLE OF CHANGE.

Get your personalized "sugar-babe coach" PIC WHEN YOU JOIN THE BOOK RELAUNCH SQUAD facebook group!

Someone right NOW needs you to take ACTION and share this! You can be an official SD7 SUGAR COACH!

You'll want to first make sure you already have your hard copy of the book. If not, grab yours here now and you are ready to get started!

Once you get into the FACEBOOK GROUP you will be asked to do the following:

1. Introduce yourself into this group with a photo and why you are wanting to be a SUGAR BABE COACH with Sugar Detox 7.

2. Post your "SUGAR SQUAD" pic on social media and tag me and your besties! @GlitterU & @HeatherNewmanFitness --->>>> use this link now

3. SUGAR SQUAD COACHES will be helpful in going LIVE and posting great tips and insights into the facebook BOOK SQUAD group to guide others thru an inner transformation. You do not have to have a transformation yet to be a SUGAR SD7 COACH! You too can go on the journey as you learn and coach one of your besties for accountability!

4. Celebrate with us in OCTOBER as we jump start our minds and bodies with the 7-Day Detox that leads us into a full month of :10 minute daily workouts JOIN HERE:

5. READ BELOW.... We RISE BY LIFTING each other up and finding the DRIVE to keep on going.

are you ready??? I know you will love being a part of this SQUAD.

SOOOO...LET'S GET YOUR NAME ON THIS ART-WORK TOO!! You can become a SUGAR-BABE and share your experience with others to HELP THEM and coach them with this guide too!

Welcome Sugar Squad Coaches and congratulations on being a member of the SD7 BOOK SQUAD!!! This is a BIG DEAL, we need you, the world needs you and together we can make a difference.... Right now people more than ever are struggling with everyday life. We get to show them how to find their INNER SPARKLE and prepare them for a brighter, happier future. I strongly believe that everyone NEEDS A COPY OF THIS BOOK AND THIS IS WHY: WE CAN HELP PEOPLE: --WITH AN HONEST VIEW ON WHAT IT TAKES --with a support system to make changes --make a shift in their habits --overcome where they are struggling right now --lead them where they want to go --have fun doing this!

Be that person that gets this message: "thank you so much for recommending this book, it helped me #getunstuck, think a new way and now my life is on a much healthier and better path, thanks to YOU" That is what this book will do - CHANGE LIVES.... and you get to be the person who makes that change happen for them by sharing and educating them and helping them.... ARE YOU IN on changing LIVES and making an IMPACT? Let's do this! Thank you, Love, Heather

join the facebook group today here:


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