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7 Habits of Excellence: Habit #1 - Declutter your lifestyle

Last week, when it was a lot warmer...I posted about clutter! I mentioned here how clutter is not a stuff problem, but a behavior problem!

Well, God never meant for you to blend in with the crowd or to ever be average - so how do you stand out? How do you start to light your SPARK and increase your growth? I truly have learned thru so many of my mentor's that it's by distinguishing your self with 7 habits of excellence! This month I am going to blog and talk about these 7 key habits on my podcast so stay tuned to hear how you can experience rapid growth, increase and promotion in your life!

Habit #1 - Lead Yourself!

Before you can lead anyone else or touch anyone else's life to bring them help, you must learn to lead yourself! Have you heard of the great John Maxwell? If you haven't, I highly recommend you grab every single one of his books and teachings that you can get your hands on! He teaches you to start with YOU! You cannot lead or teach others until you START WITH YOU! (how does this apply to clutter? it has everything to do with clutter! As I stated earlier, clutter is a behavior problem, not a STUFF PROBLEM!)

If you wouldn't follow yourself, why should anyone else follow you or learn from you, or admire you? John's advice is to start developing excellence and leadership qualities in yourself that you could eventually share with someone else.

A good exercise to imagine a young teen asking you how to become successful? And then having them follow you for the next 5 days to observe your habits! What would they see? What would they observe in your daily life? What is your routine, your rituals, your habits? Would this motivate them to be more like you? Does that make you think about making some minor adjustments?

My life used to be AVERAGE. Your life will only grow to the extent that you grow. Your money will only grow to the extent that you grow. Your home environment will always reflect what you have going on inside of you. Look at your surroundings. Does everything in your space make you happy and bring you joy? If it doesn't, let's take some time out - Friday from 5pm to 7pm example (you have to be specific of it won't happen) and tackle one project to get it looking the best way to reflect a more positive YOU)

I want to introduce you to a POWER HOUR! Do you know what that is? Most successful high achievers (ceo's, celebrities, Bill Gates, Oprah etc) practice a POWER HOUR TOO! They might call is something different but trust me when I tell you - the POWER HOUR (PH) will change your world! It includes 20 minutes of prayer, 20 minutes of reading, 20 minutes of exercise daily. Every morning. A morning routine! So try to get up an hour earlier an see how this PH can change your life.

When you start leading yourself with good habits, you will rise above mediocrity, separate yourself from average and distinguish yourself for success.

Action step: Start applying the Power Hour for 30 days.

Habit #2 coming soon. Stay tuned and be sure you are subscribed to my email list so you don't skip a beat. (scroll to the very bottom to subscribe)

Stay warm out there, xo, Heather


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