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7 tips to be successful: freebie: quiz yourself!

Have you ever heard the saying, "If you don’t step out of your comfort zone and face your fears, the number of situations that make you uncomfortable will keep growing.” . In my most recent social media post, I talked about one of my favorite topics to coach women (really anyone could use these tips) on , I get completely fired up and really passionate about these 7 things! . You have to face yourself sometimes in the mirror and really get to the root of what might be holding you back from living out some of your dreams. I always tell my clients that "ONE DAY" is not a day!!! . At some point in your life or career I’m sure you’ve wanted to do something- or really go for something BIG OR BIGGER than where you are now - or make some sort of a life change- but couldn’t or wouldn’t because you weren’t sure the exact steps on how to move forward on the thing. . And what I have come to find our just thru my personal journey is that you actually gain clarity by taking the FIRST STEP! I’m SHARING these 7 things for you to PIN next to your computer or put up on your vanity mirror in order to MAKE THE CHANGE and go for it - to be the success you know you truly are. It's actually a fun little exercise that I do with 1:1 clients ---> you ready?

Step 1. Grab a highlighter Step 2. Download your FREE printable here: (it's in my bio if you are on instagram too) Step 3. Print it out. Setp 4. Highlight the ones that APPLY to you.

YOU CAN DO THIS - just take this small little quiz and see where you ARE as far as moving toward your own personal definition of SUCCESS - I would love for you to share your results with me or if you found this helpful at all



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