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SUMMER is here & it can be difficult to stay on track with your goals. In this weeks TONE ONLINE STUDIO CHATS I am sharing my top 7 tips that help keep me focused, all while still being able to enjoy myself and all that summertime has to offer!

MAYBE THIS IS YOUR WAKEUP CALL TODAY - reminding you - are you doing what you really want?


I've missed you - it's been a while but this week we are going to go over my top 7 things on how you can stay fit this summer and feeling your best -

Feeling our best - allows us to be happy!

Huge shout out to everyone doing our SUMMER CHALLENGE - it's only 21 days but it comes with a 29 page GUIDE TO KEEP US ENGAGED AND MOTIVATED AND HELP US WITH SELF CONFIDENCE - this SUMMER CHALLENGE will be offered again in JULY and if you sign up today - you will get your GUIDE TODAY at as a VIP MEMBER for less than a cup of coffee a month!! It can change your life and really make an impact!!

Ok, 7 things......

  1. The number one thing is WHO ARE YOU HANGING AROUND WITH THIS SUMMER? In order to achieve new healthy goals and get fit, you've got to surround yourself with the right support system or you will slip back into the same ole' habits you've been stuck in. YOU ARE A PRODUCT OF THE 5 PEOPLE YOU HANG AROUND. If you are not hanging out with people who cheer you on and get excited about YOU and care about you in a genuine and HEALTHY WAY - it's your choice. You get to decide who and how you spend your time every single day. You ARE the average of the 5 people you hang around with. Are you living the life that you want? Be around the people who want the same thing as you - are you hanging out with people who are fit and healthy or are you hanging around people who just want to party, stay in an unhealthy, negative, NON-ACTIVE lifestyle and SIT ALL DAY, talk and complain but never TAKE ACTION to make positive changes..... I would find that very challenging to be around the group of friends that wants to eat cheeseburgers and fries and sit on the couch all day - so depending on your GOALS AND THE LIFE YOU WANT TO BE LIVING....... find a support system and find that friend that would rather go get a healthy smoothie - and take a long walk with you or even go on a hike - someone who also wants to he healthy, fit and active. Upbeat - YOU GET TO CHOOSE THE LIFESTYLE YOU WANT TO LIVE. It may not be easy but it will be worth it for YOUR HAPPINESS HONESTLY. You want to hang out with people who want the same things as you.

2. Make TIME to exercise not excuses! TIME is always one of the top reasons people don't workout. GET IT DONE IN THE MORNING - BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE - 30 minutes every morning - the day will get lost if you don't make it happen and schedule it in. It's too easy to push it off once the day is in motion. GET YOUR WORKOUT IN IN THE MORNING!! You burn calories after your workout so WORKING OUT IS BEST IN THE MORNING - UP AND DONE!! This will keep you on track this summer.

3. Healthy to me is everything not just moving. ARE YOU LIVING THE LIFE THAT YOU WANT? ARE YOU IN THE CAREER AND RELATIONSHIP THAT YOU WANT? MAYBE THIS IS YOUR WAKEUP CALL? take time to meditate and spend time with YOU - you want to be sure you are living your AUTHENTIC SELF AND LIVING THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO BE. Sit down and journal - is a great one for spending time to get to know yourself, to know your dreams, your passion, meditate and manifest the LIFE YOU WANT TO BE LIVING!!!

4. JOIN OUR TONE ONLINE STUDIO MONTHLY CHALLENGES!!! If you are reading this, you are probably already a part of our community - but it's very important to have a PLAN IN PLACE - we make time for our workouts and these have to be important to you - I lay this all out for you - I give you a place for accountability and tracking - a plan to do and a system to follow in order to stay fit without making it difficult - IT'S FUN, EASY AND EXCITING TO CHECK IN DAILY AND JUST GET YOUR BODY TO THE LEVEL YOU WANT IT.

5. Add adventure to your routine. Do something new that pushes you out of your comfort yourself what is possible! Shake things up a bit and do something new for physical fitness - YOU CAN DO IT - TRY IT - DO IT - go for it and get outside of your comfort zone - add something to push you a little bit more -

6.Eat some lighter options for dinner - and eat your heavier meal at lunch - switch those around! When you eat heavy at night - you really don't feel like waking up and getting that workout in. If we feeling tired, we eat heavy late, we wake up feeling try switching your dinner and lunch around - EAT LIGHT IN THE EVENING -

7. All of these steps blend together - GO HAVE FUN - HANG OUT WITH GOOD PEOPLE WHO ARE HEALTHY AND LOVE LIFE, LIFE IS GOOD - YOU ARE ALIVE - make decisions based on what you want - get your evening walks in, watch the sun rise and the sun set - go watch it - go for a longer walk than normal......get more steps in ....burn more calories, all of this helps your mind - movement and activity will allow you to enjoy summer - we are ready to get fit - be healthy - and keep moving -


Be sure to journal for YOU and get to know yourself again -

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