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Hello my dear friend! I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU. Thank you for subscribing, thank you for trusting me to be a part of your life and your journey.

You know I created my BLOG back in 2012 after I started making these little crazy makeup & purse videos over on my YOUTUBE Channel, after receiving many requests to share the content that I was publishing on my channel (things were so different back then) I started my GLITTERU BLOG and INSTAGRAM!

As you know, I have a love for all things FUN, UPBEAT, SPARKLY, EXCITING, HAPPY, AND MOTIVATING!!! I have a slight addiction to LUXURY items.....and I like to be around GOOD ENERGY and I always want to help those who feel STUCK!! Why? because I was there once too!

Although I started out more as a Style, Wellness + Self-Improvement Influencer. I LOVE TO coach and mentor in areas such as Health + Wellness, Fashion + Beauty, Planning, Time Management Strategies and all things Lifeskills.

To sum it up, I have been called to HELP people ... I am highly motivated to change as many lives as possible. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to speak and influence people in various situations ... whether personal or group engagements. My love for fitness in a GROUP CLASS is really where I LOVE TO BE! But on the flip side of that - there is nothing like a 1:1 phone call to really dive deep into WHAT IS MAKING YOUR FEEL STUCK? What is the ONE AREA if you could pick just ONE, that you'd want to change?

I just know that there is more than meets the EYE in Health & Fitness....and I know HUMANS are suffering. My love for psychology started when I was younger and the way the mind works is absolutely intriguing.

I knew I should have stayed that path in college!

My love for all things health & fitness is endless. It's important to take care of the ONE BODY GOD gave us but after spending years with 1:1 clients, I understood that the motivation to "WORK OUT" or "GET IN SHAPE" goes much deeper than just get up and move.

Being able to work directly with individuals with in-depth personal coaching and seeing them cultivate and reach their goals .. that's what feeds my soul. I am also a mother of 2 of the most handsome guys on the planet (sorry, you know how mom's do that) ok, two handsome young men. They are two intelligent adults now. I love sharing the wisdom I have learned by raising a family! I hope you enjoy my #getUnstuck podcasts, live workouts, BLOGS, vlog videos and all that I have to offer /// Learn from you losses and CELEBRATE YOUR WINS!!! xo



2022 is all about SIMPLIFYING for me!!! I will be consolidating a lot of facebook groups that have come and gone thru the years!

Please be sure to stay in the loop with me, I would hate for you to miss out on the opportunities coming your way!

1. THINGS are changing and if you want to stay in the KNOW - be sure to join us in the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP by clicking here:

2. Please be sure to follow/subscribe to the #getunstuck podcast as this will be our LIFELINE for communications moving forward along with this BLOG of course! FOLLOW ON ITUES, SPOTIFY OR HERE BELOW (JUST CLICK IT) ---The podbean platform is an app that i truly love the. most. It's a private little space where we can hook up without all the chaos and distractions of all the other platforms!

I'm deleting my Link'd in account.

i'm deleting my Twitter account

I'm deleting my GlitterU facebook page

GlitterU and HeatherNewmanFitness instagram pages will be "the same content" as a crossover time period.

and cleaning up some other things so please be sure to follow/subscribe - CLEAN UP AND DECLUTTER TO GET FOCUSSED ON THE THINGS THAT FEEL THE BEST AND BRING JOY!!

you'll find me moving forward on these platforms:

1.Subscribe to the BLOG at

2.Subscribe to the PODCAST at #getUnstuck (button below)

3.Be a part of the COMMUNITY in the private FACEBOOK GROUP at

4. Follow and like PUBLIC facebook page at

THAT'S IT - 4 OPEN/FREE PLACES TO FIND ME MOVING FORWARD - so I know this will take some time to transition over but it's going to be so much better!

If you are part of my PAID private COACHING AND TONING group - you will be updated in the ACTIVE CURRENT CHALLENGE group on facebook.


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