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When I am bringing on new members to my team or into a new program or workout of the most difficult concepts to grasp is developing trust and credibility.⁠ TRUST ME, I LEARNED THE HARD WAY!⁠ When I launched my fitness business I shared my transformation story. I poured my heart and soul into that launch post.⁠ I got a flood of positive comments but very few, actually ZERO people were willing to invest in what I had to offer.⁠ It wasn't that people were not interested in what I was doing. ⁠ It was that I hadn't built up the reputation yet.⁠ I couldn't just announce to the world that I had this new online fitness idea, I actually had to show people that I was COMMITTED TO DO THE DANG THANG EVERY SINGLE DAY! How did I build that reputation?⁠. The same way we SHOW UP in our CHALLENGES for accountability! Showing up daily and giving inspiration, motivation and support Being proof that the PROGRAM AND/OR products really do work.⁠ I was willing to do a lot of extra work for a little $$ to build trust.⁠ (ZERO $) I followed through on what I said I was going to do from start to finish.⁠ I value my team and customers no matter what.⁠ YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT REPUTATION AND TRUST IS NOT BUILT IN A DAY, A WEEK OR A MONTH!⁠. JUST LIKE OUR FITNESS OR WEIGHT LOSS OR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE JOURNEY...... it's not built in a day. It's an evolving journey and I'd love to be a part of yours! Reputation is built over time and consistency with a ton of passion that can be felt through all that you create and do!⁠ If you want to GET RESULTS, be in it for the long haul and know its going to take some GRIT!⁠ The BASIC SHOW UP DAILY principles I share are MY TRUTH & what I teach to those that I mentor!

I am super excited to announce that the 2-WEEK FEBRUARY RESET (TONE-IT-UP) CHALLENGE sign up is now OPEN!

Are looking for a FRESH restart or reboot?

GET MORE INFO BY CLICKING THE LINK BELOW AND GETTING YOUR NAME ON THE LIST - I'll be touching base in your INBOX so please make sure to check your SPAM box too -

Let's do this!

xoxo, Heather



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