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Anxiety, Packing & Travel : Best Hacks

It's real! I've mentioned this to some of my closest peeps before - I totally struggle with major ANXIETY when I'm about to go on a trip! TOTAL ANXIETY! It's bad.

This was something that I've mentioned in a post and on my personal SnapChat years ago and the comments were just so kind. Ya'll were truly AMAZING and so supportive about the entire topic of traveling Anxiety. I appreciated all the tips you gave me and believe me , I'm pretty sure i've tried them all.

MANY of you reached out to say you struggled as well......but....moments before I got all the DM's I had quickly deleted my initial post. I felt like I was complaining and who needs extra negative on their facebook really Heather - "who cares" lol

Well, I feel like it was time for me to address and attack this bad boy head on. So.....this is the best accumulation of all my top tips on how I battle my fear of flying and just the simple anxiety of travel. I hope this helps you too.


For me, it starts when I know it's coming - I start getting anxiety as soon as the plans are made and the flight or hotel is booked. I work myself up so bad that by the time I have to make my list to get all the things packed, I'm already exhausted. IT's bad, I told you. I always feel like I bring everything I need or that i've just overpacked crap I truly didn't need. I'm truly a home body. I love my home. Ok, but I DO TRAVEL so let's get to it. It's normal and fixable - travel anxiety! If you need to chat, i'm here for you just email me or message me.

So, I will say that I have to pack in stages. I have to #1 figure out what size suitcase to pull down from the attic first. Do I need big momma jamma or medium momma suitcase? That's DAY ONE. Honestly. It comes down and I have to wrap my brain around the items I will soon be laying out. I will draw out the days of the planned trip and try to research weather conditions.

#2. Prepare a week in advance. Don't wait to be running around the day before you are leaving to get all things taken care of, including food and snacks that you'll be preparing to bring so you don't opt for all the things that get you way off your health goals.

#3 - Start with the items you'll need in your carry on bag. Including if your zippy with the liquids, etc for airline rules. This way, you don't have to think about it the day of. If you are traveling by car, same thing applies, you'll have a bag (or I do) that's like your front seat bag (not in the trunk bag).

#4 - Ask yourself what it is that freaks you out so bad? Is it leaving the dogs, leaving the house, fear of being out of control? Fear of the unknown?

It's hard to think about what the trigger might be - I know we rather NOT think about that at all...But truly if you can take the time to dig a little deeper and figure that out - You can use these books to help NAIL IT:

Books on Anxiety:

No Worries workbook - precious little book really helps


Ok, so my best travel tips to take with you in your bag - you ready??

Here goes:



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