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Are you Ready? 2020 is almost here! I got you friend! dream Big!

This year has been everything we hoped it would be! ⁣ We had a few GOALS in mind before it even BEGAN! 1.) Make at least 6/10 THINGS on OUR BIG DREAM BOARD items come true! ⁣ 2.) Get special quality time in with JUST our family to further strengthen our relationship BEFORE we travel into YOUNG ADULT years! ⁣ 3.) To be able to have some important foundation about finances, future, character, integrity, growth, success, kindness, leadership, work ethic and how important it is to HONOR what God gives you & not conform to what this world says is BEST, COOL or “no big deal”... and how that looks different than it did for me, but the principle is the same. ⁣ We did things that I could have never even IMAGINED 10 years ago! ⁣ Family trip to Aruba Career changes at 50 Outstanding College Education (Honors Programs) DEBT FREE for our guys Running our own non traditional BUSINESSES and enjoying the freedom & flexibility that comes along with that

& the BEST part about it was how much WE ALL APPRECIATED every single moment! Even the simple things that happened this year. We end 2019 knowing we are on the right track to fulfilling our LIFE ASSIGNMENTs. OUR hearts are GOOD & I know all four of our hearts 💕 are FULL!!! Not everyday was perfect, nothing ever is but we always navigate back to HIM to get back in line and on track. I am opening up registration for my ANNUAL Dream Board365.Online Mini Workshop TODAY!! There are only 5 spots available because I like to keep it super private as we set our intentions for 2020 and keep each other encouraged through dreaming and achieving goals together! Register here and I'll get back with you via email tomorrow!



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