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OK friends......HOW DOES THIS SOUND? . . . Get in the BEST SHAPE of your life and become more confident with more energy - become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF this January!!!!!! . . Sound like a damn commercial? Well, I don't mean for it to! I honestly am this dang excited!!! I am so passionate about what I do - I get all the SQUIRREL energy and I want to just tell all of you about it. I realize I may not be everyone's cup of tea or coffee or flavor of the month....and THAT'S TOTALLY OK but if you are not sure what the heck you should be doing to get on track and you are so tired of starting things that you never stick with - I would love for you to get serious about FEELING BETTER and taking care of yourself with me.

Are you going to stick with the program this time? Let me lay out a full program for you to follow that you don't really have to think about......

are you tired of getting 1/2 the results you want or even worse, STARVING YOURSELF and then losing weight and then GAINING EVEN MORE BACK when you start eating like a normal human being again? WHETHER it's the stress eating from 2020, losing focus of your goals or just not giving a care anymore..... now is the time to let go of the excuses and say you've had enough. IT TAKES YOU MAKING THAT ONE DECISION AND I CANNOT MAKE IT FOR YOU. I can lead you to the right path but it's totally UP TO YOU -I'M NOT PULLING ANYONE ALONG - i'm doing the dang thing and i'd love for you to join in - I will be here - I am not going anywhere so if you have worked out with me in the past and just GAVE UP ON YOURSELF (know I didn't, I see you and I will always be here for you) or if you've never tried my method because you just didn't think you could do it ---- LET THOSE OLD LIMITING BELIEFS GO!

- I just finished uploading DAY 7 of the LADIES LIFT PROGRAM - that is just ONE OPTION in the online studio that you could do! There are easy to follow :10 minute workouts laid out for you to do on your time, whenever you want from wherever you choose (gym or home or even while traveling)......... I highly recommend starting with the LEVEL UP PROGRAM at the BEGINNER LEVEL AND just go in order - you'll start to see results in as little as 3 weeks. There are also nutrition options for you to choose from - i'm here to help and you could also BUMP UP YOUR GAME WITH A "PUSH COACH" who checks in with you every week to see how you are doing and where you need help!

Go to to get more info!


xoxo Heather



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