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Are you ready to break that plateau? Are you ready to try something new? | You are worth it!

Hey friend, I know you've been seeing all of the posts about my NEW ONLINE STUDIO and you might not really understand what that LOOKS LIKE because I've had some other workout options over the past 3+ years. THIS IS PERSONALIZED AND CREATED just for you! This Online Studio is a personal creation out of LOVE AND PASSION for finding a solution for WOMEN who have hit a wall!

I still teach locally (usually in the gym when this pandemic wasn't a THANG!).....

I LOVE BARRE and I teach Barre locally LIVE and in PERSON......

However, I've been asked to bring my choreography and energy to the ONLINE platform by so many and the timing happened to be JUST PERFECT in May of this year!

HENCE THE NEW TONE ONLINE STUDIO!!! It was born out of passion and love for what I do best, motivate, inspire, try to make lemonade out of lemons and help women design a workout style and program that gets them the results they are searching for while enjoying the ACTUAL JOURNEY - we don't want to workout doing something we don't enjoy!!! It has to be a fun and exciting and RESULT DRIVEN - you have to have a DESIGNED PLAN - something to follow and then something that allows our body to LEVEL UP so we don't plateau! Change up is important and that is why the TONE ONLINE STUDIO video library is always changing and evolving.

It starts with :10 minutes to get you in the daily habit of MOVING your body. Then we increase the routine to a 2-3x repeat to make sure you learn, MASTER and understand the design of the movements and what you are actually doing to the muscles in order to get the results that you want! This is not your traditional workout style! It's DESIGNED and we are currently working in the ONLINE STUDIO to create the perfect solution and prescription workout for you and your body shape.

If you've been on the fence and you are ready to just TRY SOMETHING NEW and push yourself to show yourself that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU FOCUS YOUR MIND ON - you will see that this is a lot of fun - We would love to have you join our TONE-FAMILY today!

The perfect prescription to JUMP START YOUR METABOLISM is the Online Studio + the guide and workbook - this COMBO is RESULT DRIVEN to start seeing and feeling great proven results in 7-days! Both personally tested and created by Heather who is just an email away at anytime for questions and personal guidance!


The TONE:N:10 APP and Online Studio is SO much more than just an at-home workout Library!!

You get: ✅ Easy to follow at-home or from anywhere... (step by step easy to follow) workout library that can adjust to your fitness level (no equipment necessary) ✅ Customized Body Design Assessment (RX) where YOU get to choose the pattern of your exercise plan to FOCUS on your specific target zones! ✅ A weekly tracker to journal your journey and measure progress with optional accountability check-ins and workout reminders. 💗Bonus BOOST workouts to burn a little extra when you need it. 💗 “Let’s Chat” pop up coaching sessions with Heather! 🏆 EARN “TONE points” along the way by Leveling up 🌟 that can be redeemed for futureRewards & Prizes !

And right now, you can save BIG during our SUMMER 3-Month Online Studio Special! You are worth it to invest in you! Discover a whole new design in your body and workout style! See you in the Online Studio! 🙌 - Heather


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