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Barre Blend with Heather Newman: VIP Early Access finally here!


*that you could gain strength, tone up, lose weight, AND have SO MUCH FUN with an at home fitness program…

* that you could not only get INCREDIBLE physical results, but that you could also completely change your mindset and the rest of your LIFE…

*that you LITERALLY could do it all without leaving your house and WITHOUT shoes (my fave part)….


It’s finally here. Yes, I do teach Barre classes at a local gym and yes a lot of my clients attend BARRE with me 2x a week but here's the sweet reality - 2 days per week is not always enough - and WHO HAS TIME to hit the gym 5 days a week?? I know I don't.

For the past 2.5 years I've been supplementing my workouts on my own terms in the pockets of time that I can hop in my little space I've set aside in my garage to get in a 20-30 minute workout - sometimes even in my pajamas or a onesie (swear)..... and I am so excited to bring you an awesome very unique opportunity to DO BARRE FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME - (and yes, I have men on my team doing BARRE - they are flipping out over the results too)........

I want YOU to…

MEET ME AT THE BARRE!!! We are going to have some fun with Barre Blend!

I’ve partnered up with an amazing professional dancer/barre instructor, Elise Joan and we are basically gonna change your LIFE with a 60 Day at home BARRE BLEND PROGRAM that just launched.

Some of us have started already but that's the beauty of this little secret - you start on your time line and you do it in the pockets of time that you make it work - you can even download these barre workouts (that are very much in line with my personal style that I teach) on your mobile device or laptop - you can take the with you if you travel even or do them in the gym - i personally prefer my garage gym.

If you’re into yoga, dance, barre, or want something low impact but gives you that long, lean, sculpted bod- this is for YOU! 


THIS IS THE FIRST EVER BARRE style home based program coming to the FITFLIX and I am hosting a TEST GROUP for those who want to be the FIRST to try this out NOW!!

From the girl who is a retired dancer, who was on dance team for many many years in middle school, high school and college......I don't even need to leave my house to go to a barre class… THIS IS GONNA BE THE SOLUTION to get your muscles moving with LOW IMPACT - NO IMPACT honestly......and personally my favorite program yet!


In this fit GYM, you will be the FIRST to start this brand new program with me! It will NOT be released to the public at this time.

It’s EVERYTHING you get from a studio BARRE class with a side of cardio intervals, weight training, and an incredible, easy nutrition plan.


Each workout is 30-40 minutes and includes cardio intervals + weight training to keep your heart rate up so you can burn maximum calories + fat.

Workouts are only 5 days a week!! If you take my LIVE REAL BARRE CLASS in the studio, you can hybrid this workout to 3x a week and hit my LIVE CLASSES 2x a week.....WIN WIN!

YOU DO NOT NEED dance experience and it’s perfect for ALL fitness levels. There are different levels of modifiers included so that EVERYONE has a place at the BARRE!

LOW- IMPACT, but HIGH INTENSITY moves make this a great program for those who crave low impact (aka not rough on the joints), but want to feel the burn!

MINDSET is a huge focus of this program, because as we all know, if your mind isn’t right- it’s hard to make anything else right.

This is where the magic happens.

WEEKLY MEAL PLANS will be uploaded to your app that you have access to as my client. They align to YOUR goals and you will not feel restricted or be placed on a diet.


Barre Blend

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN BARRE BLEND + what is it gonna cost me?

So I want to let you know that there will be MULTIPLE package options that come with different tools to help you along your journey. BUT, here are the basics you get no matter which package you choose and no matter which package you choose, the following is a part of ALL option- which is AMAZING

*2 PREP WORKOUTS (to prepare you to start the program)

*40 workouts – 4 phases w/ 5 workouts in each phase. The intensity grows every 2 weeks and each workout is DIFFERENT.

*5 BONUS ten minute enhancement workouts (core, upper body, lower body, and booty)

*3 recovery workouts to help with any soreness

*I AM daily motivational cards– Elise pulls one of these cards before each workout to help with mindset. You can use them to stay motivated or simply to incorporate into your routine. These are my favorite - I use these DAILY in my LIVE CLASS TOO.

* GET STARTED RIGHT materials – your nutrition plan, getting started right guide created by ME, and getting set up into your app.

*YEARLY access (FITFLIX) to over $6,000 worth of our workouts (I call this netflix of fitness) So it’s not just “one and done”. You literally set yourself up for the YEAR! This is just your starting point!! You can take with you on vacation or to the gym too if you don't want to do them in the comfort of your own home in your slippers like me......

*30 days of whichever supplements you choose – I will help you choose what is best for you!! You can choose from superfoods, pre + post workout, or ALL of it!!

*1:1  coaching – I hop in our VIRTUAL FIT GYM every day with advice, tips, and recipes! I will be your accountability partner and check in on you weekly! I also upload meal plans and other resources to your app!

*Unlimited access to the “MEET ME AT THE BARRE” community – This is where I will be posting daily to check in with you, where you track and log your progress, nutrition, and workouts, and where all of your resources will be! VIP

Would you like to see a few transformations from our Barre Blend program? CHECK OUT a few of the SIX WEEK results from the test so FAR!


Are You Thinking You Are All In?

In order to TO GET THE INFO and PACKAGE options and more info (whether you already have BOD with me or not) fill out the form below so that I can get to know you a little more and you’ll be the FIRST in line!!

I have 25 spots total open and up for grabs RIGHT NOW.....I released VIP on December 15th to my already FIT GYM LADIES FIRST!

The new group will kick off THE NEXT TWO MONDAYS! (or whenever works for you- but you need to grab your spot while it's open)

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response from me!


x, Heather


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