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Be the Light: Your Choice in the COVID-19 Crisis: GlitterU

There’s a lot of funk and illness and just plain yuck going on out there.

This coronavirus pandemic brings with it all kinds of heartbreak and fear of the unknown.

People are sick. Businesses are closing. 

We can choose to be the light

I’ve been talking with my family and friends, coaches, clients, and other leaders in my industry this entire WEEKEND and this much is CRYSTAL clear:

people are either choosing to stay stuck in the scared and sad or they decide to choose light—to be full of optimism, FAITH and hope!

What do we actually know - THE FACTS - in between all of the WHITE NOISE??

Well, my first thought here is that WE can’t control what’s happening.

WE CAN control.

  • mindset

  • routines and habits

  • attitude

Hard situations like this one can make us feel helpless and out of control if we aren’t self-aware if we don’t have some solid habits in place.

I believe we all have far more control over our lives than we think we do. We should absolutely acknowledge that this is challenging, it’s weird, we are uncertain and sad.

But…then we can choose to use this time to connect in new ways, to learn something new, to create, to heal, to grow rather than sit in that sad.

We can choose to be the light. 

Here are 3 suggestions that might help…

  1. Take care of YOU. Self-care has to be a priority especially when life might feel harder than normal. Make sure you’re scheduling time in your days to move your body, eat well, and put inspiring stuff in your brain.   Remember - JUNK food is not self-care.  It just makes us feel like junk…Now’s a great time to make exercise a daily habit, design the perfect morning routine, and start nourishing your body with the right fuel. Instead of scrolling social and taking in negativity of people who don’t have good habits or personal development in their lives or obsessing over news headlines, what if we read a motivational book, listen to a new podcast, or take up that hobby? If the weather allows, make time for getting outside into nature. Some fresh air and vitamin D will do a world of good.

  • Take care of your PEOPLE. As women, we’re the rock of structure typically in our homes—keeping everyone and everything centered and guiding our family’s days and even attitudes. Establish a sense of consistency and normalcy by having a daily schedule or routine for everyone. They are watching how you respond to this crisis and will follow suit. Choosing the light for yourself means choosing light and life for your family, too.

  • Take care of your COMMUNITY. Look around and see how you can best support your community. Make purchases from local businesses whenever possible, donate to your favorite organizations, and look for other ways to help.

WE WILL GET THRU THIS TOGETHER. And when we do, I want to be someone who has been holding the light. I’m encouraging you today (just like I’m telling myself every day!) to choose light—choose to look for it, choose to be it, choose to share it. Don’t sit in the fog. Light the way for yourself and others, too.

xoxo, Heather


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