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Behind the Lens: Unveiling the Magic of the Red Dress Photoshoot with Abby Sands

Behind the Lens: Unveiling the Magic of the Red Dress Photoshoot with Abby Sands

In a world where every photograph tells a story, there are those rare individuals who possess the innate ability to capture not just images, but moments frozen in time. Abby Sands, affectionately known as Abby Photo, is one such storyteller whose lens paints narratives of beauty, passion, and authenticity.

The Journey Begins

I sat down with Abby to delve into the depths of her journey in photography, seeking insights into what ignites her creative spark. When asked about her inspiration to pursue photography, Abby's response was rooted in her lineage of artists and entrepreneurs. From a stint in the corporate world to nurturing her passion for photography, Abby's journey embodies resilience and determination.

Crafting the Magic

Abby's creative process is as diverse as the individuals she photographs. Each photoshoot is a canvas waiting to be painted with the unique essence of her clients. From conceptualization to execution, Abby infuses her signature style while embracing the individuality of her subjects. No two shoots are alike, ensuring a bespoke experience for each client.

Overcoming Challenges

In a field as dynamic as photography, challenges are inevitable. Yet, for Abby, these hurdles serve as catalysts for growth and innovation. Embracing the evolution from darkroom to digital, Abby thrives on the thrill of mastering new techniques and pushing the boundaries of her craft.

Words of Wisdom

For aspiring photographers embarking on their journey, Abby's advice is simple yet profound: practice, practice, practice.....step out of your comfort zone, and never stop learning. It's this relentless pursuit of excellence that fuels Abby's passion and sets her apart in the world of photography. I couldn't agree more with these words.

Dreams on the Horizon

As Abby gazes into the future, her aspirations remain rooted in the joy of her craft. With a commitment to continual growth and a zest for adventure, Abby's journey in photography knows no bounds.

You've got to book the RED DRESS EXPERIENCE with her! Use code HEATHER for discount although her prices are so great with her mini sessions!

Ok, what you've been waiting for - how to book - do it now, don't miss this opportunity!

Connect with Abby Sands:

My personal Testimonial / from Heather Newman:

"I personally had a blast not only meeting Abby but her energy, her expert eye, her fun-loving character, and the way she makes you feel in that red 18ft flowy dress - it was my very own fun Cinderella moment at the age of 54, and I encourage every woman on the planet to do this if for anyone - DO IT FOR YOU! You deserve to be a princess for an hour, and let me tell you, it is sooooo fun!"

In the enchanting world of Abby Sands, every photograph is a testament to the beauty of the human spirit. Step into her realm, and let your story unfold through her lens.

a few snippets from our shoot:


Sooooooo fun right!!! Listen here as I talk about this experience on Episode 209 of the #getunstuck podcast!



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