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Bikini Legs: Lean Legs & Thinner Thighs | Heather Newman Fitness

It's such a blessing to be able to bring you workouts each week.

I am so pumped for the second half of 2020, and I want you to be a part of my year! Let me know what you want to see in our AUGUST workouts in the Tone Online Studio; I want to try out new equipment, new exercises, and new ideas!!

I also want to know your BIG DREAMS AND GOALS!!

What are your goals, and what are you going to achieve this second half of 2020? I want to help you get there, whether it is being more fit, eating better, or learning to have more confidence and self-esteem!

I want you all to know that I appreciate working out with you each and every day. I've been getting messages from some of you about how I've played a role in your's INCREDIBLE! Nemo, Noodle and I say thank you a million times over!


What should you eat for breakfast to get lean and toned?👇

The secrets I give you in my book will tell you how to fuel your body, give you a full grocery list to take with you to the store, help you plug and plan your 7-Day jump start meal plan, give you all the recipes you need so you will not be hungry, teach you how to maintain your blood sugar level and give you ALL the energy You crave!!🌟

🌟 🌟 or you can find it on Amazon,

I highly recommend the hardcopy versus the Kindle version so you can always refer back to it as a complete healthy resource and guide!!!

Follow me on the shopping app to get the product details for all my instagram looks and others ---> Be sure to subscribe while you’re there. You don’t want to miss the fun and exciting things that are coming, stay tuned!! 🎉📣


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