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BOOM! You did it! I am so proud of you! | Heather Newman Fitness

CONGRATULATIONS! You've made it this far! Regardless of what LIFE throws at you - if you are here reading this - YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!

How are you feeling during this STAGE OF YOUR LIFE?

Today, Heather is designing your next round of result driven content and wants to ensure that you are building upon the mind-body connection while feeling strong, healthy and balanced thru daily movement. Have you tried the Online Studio yet? It's so much more than just a workout! If you started by now, you should have determined which LEVEL you are at by following the PLAN available in the Online Studio. Remember that your goal should be to participate in movement 4-6 times per week and incorporate THE BOOST add-on if you feel you have excess weight to lose.

If you are not sure if the TONE Online Studio is right for you - please take this quiz for a personalized FREE PLAN to drop right into your inbox! TAKE THE FREE QUIZ

Let's have a little check in!

Please email us at HEATHERNEWMANFITNESS@GMAIL.COM so that we can review your program, plan and path to help map out your workouts if you are looking for HELP! If you are not sure where to start or if you are just getting back on track and you are not sure what you should be doing.

The TONE Online Studio is all about customization and results for your body, and we are so proud of what you are already achieving for yourself. This is just the beginning.


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