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BootyCamp: Get Ready to Change your Life!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

If you are doing the 4-week BootyCamp with us, your workbook (32 pages) and your official PASSPORT (44 pages) are ready to be printed and it's time to get your plug and play meal plan together for week one. We start tomorrow!

If you haven't joined yet, you still have time. You just need your FIT-KIT which is your workout schedule and 4 weeks supply of the sexy momma superfoods smoothies to qualify to DO THIS 4-WEEK COMMIT with us. (i can help you get started - if you don't have these just click the link by number 1 and you will be on your way)

It's going to be a blast!

  1. Fill out your application.

  2. Fill out your pre boarding pass.

  3. Join our private facebook group.

  4. print out your WORKBOOK 32 PAGES (inside the Private Group)

  5. print out your PASSPORT 44 PAGES (inside the Private Group)

  6. You might want to get this bound at office depot or you could hole punch and put into a binder. You will need these both DAILY FOR THE NEXT 4-weeks.Let's do this - WE HAVE SOME GOALS TO CRUSH - INCLUDING OUR WEIGHT AND SHOOOOTING OUR WAY TO OUR HAPPIEST SELF!!!! xoxo, Heather


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